Admitted Student Profile for Class of 2019

6,031 Total Applicants
39% Applicants admitted
50 + DC, Puerto Rico, and Mariana Islands States represented among the accepted class of 2019
93 Countries represented among this year's admitted students
71% Rank in the top tenth of their class (of those who had a class rank)
30% Admitted U.S. students who are students of color
1,373 Different high schools represented by admitted students
140 Countries (by citizenship) with applicants to Mac this year

Median test scores for admitted students
SAT I Critical Reading: 710
SAT I Math: 680
SAT I Writing: 700
Combined: 2080
ACT: 31

Top 10 states in order of students admitted
California, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Maryland

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