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Adam Van der Sluis ’11

Associate Director, Admissions
Region: Connecticut, Delaware, Washington D.C., Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia

Weyerhaeuser Hall

He, Him, His

Why I chose Admissions
When I first visited Macalester during a fall sampler, I was overwhelmed by the whole experience. Having grown up in a small town in South Dakota, this college saturated with brilliant people surrounded by the “big city” was a lot to take in. Perhaps the most intimidating aspect was the financial aid process at one of the afternoon sessions. Current Assistant Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid, Brian Lindeman, noticed my distress, made time to walk me through what it all meant, and showed me how need-based financial aid works. Before that, I wasn’t sure I could even apply to a small liberal arts college. But afterwards, I applied to several and ultimately ended up at Mac. I work in Admissions because I want to have an impact on prospective students like Brian had for me. 

Community Involvement
While a graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I interned with a college access organization in the Boston Public School System, working to demystify the college application process for students of color who were the first in their families to attend college. That focus remains at the center of my work, specifically as part of the Community Outreach and Education Committee.

Favorite time of year at Mac
I am generally an equal-opportunity season lover, but if I had to pick, my favorite time of year at Mac is winter! Outside, the snow makes our beautiful campus sparkle. Inside, we’re busy reading the inspiring applications of the next great class of Macalester first-years.

Love about the Twin Cities
There is so much I love about the Twin Cities, so I’ll limit myself to three: 1. The bikeway network! The bike paths and bike lanes connect everything and everyone in the Twin Cities and provide amazing scenery along the way. 2. The food! Every cuisine you can think of is here, with so many eateries focused not only on making delicious food, but also on sustainability and community. 3. The Minnesota Twins! The most wonderful baseball team in all the land.