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Gustavo Manjarrez Villanueva

Admissions Officer


He, Him, Él

Why I chose Admissions
I got into admissions and financial aid because I really care about access and equity in higher education based on my educational journey because, personally speaking, it was not easy as a person of color myself. I am a firm believer in the mindset of “Are we ready for students as an institution?” rather than “Are students ready for college?” I aim to see what students’ challenges are and the ways that they have overcome them. That makes them resilient and persistent in achieving their goals in their higher education journey.

Community Involvement
Through my involvement regarding college access programs in my third year of undergraduate studies, I was able to create and advocate for a special program at CLUES (Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicios). Students who identify as Latine/Latinx or Hispanic and wish to attend a local two-or four-year university here in the Twin Cities. This program, called Avanzando through College, was meant to make college a success and support them throughout their college journey. My goal was to help create a program for connection, find a mentor, network, and grow professionally, gaining specific skills throughout their graduation that can be used even in their workplace.

Favorite time of year at Mac
My favorite time of the year at MAC would be fall or winter, mostly because my allergies are not as bad compared to other seasons. The fall and winter seasons really allow me to take a look at nature and admire the trees that are around Mac. I enjoy more the cold temperature!

Love about the Twin Cities
Being raised in the Twin Cities, I can definitely say that it’s a place of attractions for different people. The Twin Cities tries to emphasize a lot of cultural background based on foods, art, and history from diverse people.