1. Amalgamation
Not only is amalgamation an extremely fun word to say, it also describes our community here. We are a group of people from various parts of the world, walks of life and opinions. It’s one of the things I love most about Mac. We mix and mold together quite well as a community.
Ruth, Norfolk, VA

trads signing

2. Ardent
Everyone at Mac cares deeply about something.
Elissa, Grapevine, TX

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3. Balance
Finding balance is important to Mac students. It is possible to be a bio major and an athlete, or a Poli-Sci major and community volunteer. It's even possible to double major, run a club, be in a theater production and play a sport.
Courtney, Minneapolis, MN

mississippi river

4. Balmy
It may be freezing outside but the people and the buildings are balmy!
Jacqueline, Albuquerque, NM

guthrie theater

5. Bridges
We come together at Mac and build connections between academic subjects and personal values. We find our niche and grow stronger with the guidance of faculty and friends who challenge us in our views and ideas.
Kitty Ng, New York, NY

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6. Challenging
Mac helps us find out how much we’re really capable of and makes us reach higher than we thought we could. At Macalester, I've challenged myself in ways that I did not imagine possible and learned to believe in my ability to achieve.
Jenny, Akko, Israel

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7. Colorful
Macalester represents the various hues of culture blended onto one canvas of human character.
Judi-Ann, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

guthrie theater

8. Competition
Competition not in the traditional sense that we must outperform others. Competition in the sense that we are always competing with our past and are actively seeking to surpass it.
Allen, Ann Arbor, MI

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9. Confidence
Participating in class, being an RA, and playing for Macalester's tennis team has allowed me to grow into a much more confident person.
Michael, Westlake Village, CA


10. Defining
Macalester takes all of our quirks and characteristics, helps us gear them toward a field of study and become the person we aspire to be.
Rachel, Palos Park, IL


11. Do
Macalester encourages us all to learn, imagine and do. Participate, support, boycott, vote, save, eat, think.
Oleh, Ternopil, Ukraine

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12. Eclectic
Having new and different experiences is part of life here. It is possible to pursue very different interests simultaneously, have a diverse group of friends, and take part in many events and activities that provide new perspectives. The values of internationalism, civic engagement, and academic excellence offer an eclectic life, allowing us to select the best portions of our experiences and make our mark on the world.
Elizabeth, Wellesley, MA

midnight breakfast

13. Enriching
An environment as diverse as Macalester’s has not only allowed me to learn about the cultures of various parts of the world, it means I can now boast that I speak basic language phrases belonging to each region of the world—something I never expected!
Ajwad, Lahore, Pakistan

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14. Erudite
I could use erudite to describe many individuals I've crossed paths with here and there, but I've never met so many in a single place. For example, a cafeteria conversation with my friends yesterday touched on the subjects of nuclear disarmament, the music of Stevie Wonder and Jean Paul Sartre. Where else am I going to find that?
Ryland, Athens, GA

first avenue

15. Expansive
Although this word does not describe the college campus, I think it is an apt word for what our minds do here. You aren't just around smart people here; you are around people who are vastly different from you. The experience of talking to and learning from people who have lived lives so incredibly different from yours is what sets this school apart from most others. Nearly every day on this campus I have been able to meet somebody of a different race, class, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion or hometown community.   My mind has expanded from these interactions.
Orna, Portland, OR

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16. Family
Since my first day on campus I have felt completely welcomed into the college community. Whether it’s the friends I made on my dorm floor, the people in my dance and theater activities or the fantastic Geology Department, Macalester has a close-knit family feel that makes this college experience even more wonderful.
Madeline, Hayward, WI

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17. Fireside
Mac is a warm place in the winter to gather with friends and eat marshmallows.
Carl, Chicago, IL

fresh concepts

18. Friends
I’m not sure how they do it, but Macalester does a great job matching roommates. My main group of friends were roommates on the same floor our first year. I’ve learned a lot from my friends here—just about everything other than how to complete my homework at a reasonable hour.
Jack, La Canada Flintridge, CA


19. Grand
Macalester sits on Grand Avenue, fit to burst with talent, acceptance and enthusiasm. Wedged elbows knocking between the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mac is a blissfully grand place to be.
Katie, Sedalia, CO


20. Home
Even though I lived in the same town my entire life before coming to Macalester, there's such a welcoming and open feeling to campus. I feel like it's just as much my home as my hometown is.
Natalie, Duluth, MN


21. Hotdish
Before I came to Macalester, I had no idea what a hotdish was. Minnesota has not stopped surprising me, both in classes like Urban Geography, where I did a project that took me into the many diverse neighborhoods of the Twin Cities and my internship at Minnesota Public Radio. Mac has thrust me into the weird and wonderful world of Minnesota. Now I can't imagine going to college anywhere else, or living in a world without hotdish.
Diego, San Francisco, CA

african music ensemble

22. Idiosyncratic
Although Macalester students come from all over the globe, this seems to be a characteristic that describe each one of us. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Matthew, Southlake, Texas


23. Inspirational
At Macalester the diverse student population, brilliant staff and emphasis on global citizenship all inspire us to take risks, be open-minded, and be creative when solving problems and finding common ground with our peers.
Emily, Washington, DC


24. Intellectual.
Whether you want to talk Chinese music theory in the classroom or Caribbean economic policy in the dorm hall at 2 a. m. , there will be someone to talk to. Can we go overboard? You better believe it, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the things we love most about Mac.
Kristine, Brown Deer, WI


25. Learn
We are not just learning about classroom topics, but also about society, people, places, current issues, culture, and ourselves.
Abby, Minnetonka, MN

snowy the rabbit

26. Life-altering
This is a place where a multitude of races, ethnicities and nationalities come together to create a life-altering experience.
Saad, Karachi, Pakistan

the rock

27. MACnificent
Similar to any magnificent painting, Macalester is an impressive and grand mix of many different strokes put together. Macalester is wonderful!
Rudy, San Cristobal, Guatemala

ice cream sundae

28. MacSoup
I love going to the MacSoup club events, where we get to see the Mac student body mingling at its best, gathering late at night for some delicious soup. This one word represents what it means to be a Mac student, surrounded by a community of people who are diverse and amazing and from whom so much can be shared and learned.
Nelly, Iowa City, IA

snow man

29. Me
Mac students feel a sense of belonging and ownership. The school gives us ample space to critically explore our world and to discover our identity in a framework that includes and transcends the traditional boundaries of race, politics, sexuality, nationality, religion, gender, and class.
Michael, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

founders day

30. Multifaceted
Mac fosters an environment where different views are challenged and questioned yet also respected; therefore, adding a new dimension and an eye-opening angle to discussions and conversations.
Harrison, Lakewood, CA

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31. Multifarious
This is my word, because Macalester is heterogeneous not only culturally, ethnically and religiously, but also in thought.
Soham, Dubai, UAE


32. Nutshell
For me, Macalester is like the world in a nutshell, filling each day of my life with a different touch of the globe.
Adam-Maliq, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

language house

33. Open
It doesn't matter who you are or what things you want to try while at Macalester, you will find people who will support you.
Morgan, Portland, OR

language house

34. Opportunity
Opportunity at Macalester begins the first day of new student orientation and continues with you for the rest of your efforts in life.
Biftu, Bellingham, WA

language house

35. Papilionaceous 
Like a butterfly, Macalester is constantly changing and continually beautiful.
Daniel, Houston, TX

waste-free picnic

36. Passionate
People here are passionate about learning, competing, performing, doing research, and connecting to others. Students here have multifaceted interests, and Macalester supports and nourishes each and every one of those passions.
Emma, Las Cruces, N.M.

the rock

37. Personal
Nothing at Macalester is institutionalized, it is humanized. Whenever I have a problem, there is always an actual human being who is here to get me the resources I need.  Communication and connection have been hallmarks of my Macalester experience.
Ryan, Novato, CA

sophomore fiesta

38. Provoking
The Macalester experience challenges students academically, makes us think, evokes many emotions, and excites us to pursue our passions.
Cara, Tulsa, OK


39. Quirky
Everyone here has something that is just a little quirky, but when you put us all together, we make this cohesive, caring whole.
Laura, Minneapolis, MN


40. Snow
I come from southern China, where there is very little snow. When I saw my first big snowfall, it was exciting and beautiful. You will not want to miss the first snowball fight! Everyone takes a break from studying and goes outside, laughing and enjoying the snow.
Mu, Nanjing, China

international roundtable

41. Spacious
There are nooks to explore, professors to discover and endless ways to learn. I love seeing familiar faces everywhere I go and sitting under trees or on the benches that are all around campus.
Mark, Hayward, WI

the rock

42. Springboard
Mac serves as a springboard for ideas, businesses and activism. The connections we make at Macalester or in the Twin Cities can lead to opportunities here or in places far away.
Robert, Chicago, IL

leonard center

43. Supportive
Mac students are interested in helping you learn and grow, rather than backstabbing and undermining your education for their GPA. In this atmosphere where you are encouraged to compete with yourself rather than others, the Macalester community supports all of its members to achieve personal growth.
Adam, Glencoe, IL


44. Sustainable
Macalester emphasizes sustainability on every layer of its complex social, physical, economic, and academic framework. We focus on renewable energy, renewable funding, renewable ideas and the sustainable flow of energy created by community engagement and re-engagement.
Zach, Boulder, CO


45. Thinking
At Macalester we constantly come across new thoughts and ideas that prompt our own innovative and creative thinking.
Vera, Chotebor, Czech Republic


46. Timeless
The memories, perspectives and friendships you take away from Macalester are things you keep for life.
Dimitri, Nairobi, Kenya


47. Tomorrow
At Mac, we remain conscious of the future and ready to build a better tomorrow in an ever-changing world. We are equipped to impact change thanks to our rigorous education for a world stage.
Mary, Roanoke Rapids, MI


48. Undefined
Mac sits right in the heart of two vibrant cities. It has one of the largest number of international students for its size, challenging the idea that liberal arts students often come from similar places, with similar opinions. Macalester fosters healthy learning and amazing friendships in one of the most ideal locations.
Melissa, New York, NY

ice cream

49. Understanding
All of my friends are very understanding and respectful of my different cultural and political background. I feel very comfortable here. Mac students and faculty are welcoming and kind. Before I came to Mac, I was expecting a really intense campus. Academically, Mac is indeed competitive, but life here is much easier and more fun than I thought.
Congcong, Beijing, China


50. Versatile
One thing almost all Mac students are known for is their ability to fill many varied roles. Students will complete double-majors in two completely different disciplines, like neuroscience and linguistics, while singing in an ensemble, writing for a school publication, and practicing a sport… all in the same day. Mac encourages and celebrates versatile students with complex, diverse interests that they can engage in seamlessly.
Meg, Denver, CO