Help welcome seniors to the Macalester alumni community

We all remember what it was like as our last semester at Macalester drew to a close. Whether you were anxious about entering the “real world” or excited about starting the next chapter, stressed about finding a job or looking forward to moving to a new city, we were all too aware that before us lay one of the largest transitions of our lives. In the busy rush of capstones, finals, travel arrangements, and saying goodbye to friends and mentors, it’s easy for seniors to forget that they are part of a wider Macalester community that will always be a resource for them.

You can make a difference in the life of a graduating Macalester senior in just a few minutes with MacMail. From now until Monday, May 2, the alumni office will be collecting postcards from alumni across the world with words of encouragement for a graduating senior. As the Class of 2016 enters their last round of finals, we will send each senior a postcard from alumni. It’s a simple but powerful way to connect with the next generation of alumni and make a difference for a stressed out senior.

How to Participate

1. Pick out a postcard.It could be from your city, from Macalester, or an inspirational message or image.

2. Write some words of welcome and encouragement for a senior who is about to graduate.

3. Sign legibly and include your class year.

4. Mail your postcard to:

Neely Heubach
Alumni Office
Macalester College
1600 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105

Twin Cities alumni are welcome to swing by our office in Weyerhaeuser Hall and drop off your MacMail in person. We love visitors!


Can I submit more than one postcard?

Absolutely! With over 400 seniors graduating, we need all the help we can get.

How will I know if my postcard has been received?

We will let you know when we receive your postcard in the mail, as well as when they are distributed to seniors. If you include your name and class year, you might also hear from the senior who received your MacMail!

Will Mac provide postcards?

While we strongly encourage alumni to send postcards from your city or country (so seniors see that Mac alumni are everywhere), Alumni Relations has a limited amount of Macalester postcards available for alumni for MacMail. Contact the Alumni Office at for more information.

Should I stamp and address the postcard to the Alumni Office, or put it in an envelope and mail that?

Either way will work fine! If you would like to send a longer message, it may make sense to send the postcard in an envelope. If you have a cool stamp you'd like to show off, you might want to send the postcard in itself.

Can I pick which senior will receive my postcard?

To make sure that every senior receives a postcard, we are not assigning recipients ahead of time. You may want to start your message with "Dear graduating senior" or "Hello, new alumni!"

Why didn't I get MacMail when I was graduating?

We started MacMail for the Class of 2013 and alumni around the world rallied to make sure there were enough postcards for the whole class to receive alumni greetings. It was wildly successful and we heard from many students that MacMail helped them feel like part of the Macalester alumni community. Help us do it again for the Class of 2016.