The core work of the Alumni Board is through the working groups. These groups focus on specific issues that advance the mission of the College. These working groups develop initiatives that make a tangible impact on the Macalester strategic direction and foster alumni engagement. All members of the board participate in one of the Working Groups. Working Group direction can change as the needs of the College evolve. The current Working Groups are Athletics, Diversity, and Macalester Career Connections (MC2). 


“It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was a student, but it was, so being able to connect through the Alumni Board is just a great experience. In the current state of the world, I’ve been looking for ways to reach out, and connecting to Mac has really helped get me through these past couple of years. I want to help promote alumni engagement (and athletics), so other people can share that experience.” ~ Athletics Working Group Chair Abby Dos Santos ’01, Volleyball

One third of Macalester alumni participated in varsity or club athletics. The Alumni Board’s Athletics Working Group strives to create connections with alumni athletes to each other, the college, and Macalester Athletics. While amplifying the successes of Macalester athletics and supporting current students athletes, we celebrate the stories of our shared athletic experience. This includes, but is not limited to: After the Game alumni programs, supporting Back to Mac and the Hall of Fame recognition banquet, collecting career connections for student athletes mentorship opportunities, and a Macalester Athletics Oral History project. We are eager to answer questions about life after Macalester and how our athletics experiences have helped us in a diverse range of careers and activism.   Learn more about Athletics at Mac.


When I think about Macalester as an institution, as well as my personal experience with Mac as a student and alumna, many of the first things that come to mind are the diverse people I met, the ways in which my life has been changed and enriched by the provocative conversations and experiences I have had with the diverse student/alumni community, and the way in which Mac has always strived to honor the myriad of identities present in our community. My work on the Diversity Working Group, as a member and now current Chair, and the newly formed DEI Task Force, have been an extension of my commitment to living out and amplifying Macalester (and my) values of diversity and creating a more just world.” ~ Diversity Working Group Chair Kim Cole ’96

The Alumni Board’s Diversity Working Group engages alumni through the lens of their diverse identities, including race, ethnicity, gender, mental ability, physical ability, religion, sexuality, and nationality. Our work will build and sustain meaningful connections between alumni across class years and geography while also connecting with students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the College.  This includes efforts such as connecting and amplifying existing alumni affinities like the Alumni of Color and Scots Pride communities as well as creating targeted experiences that bring different identity groups together in connection to the College and each other through online and social media platforms. We invite you to view our Anti-Racist Resources page for additional reading and learning.


“Career Connections allows me to help alumni develop their careers while elevating my own profile in the community — a networking win-win.” ~MC2 Working Group Chair Niloy Ray ’99

The Career Connections working group helps alumni connect with each other (and with students) as they establish and build their careers. Collaborating with both Career Exploration and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we create, implement and support programs and initiatives – such as career-focused clubs, alumni professional profiles, internship sourcing, and panel discussions – that provide pathways to career opportunities for students and alumni alike while also offering a variety of avenues to engage with Macalester and thereby strengthen our communal bond. Learn more about Career Exploration at Mac.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Career Clubs. Learn more about how you can get involved.