1. The Abashiri Family Raised in a family of gangsters and hit men, young Kikunosuke is sent by her family to a prodigious boarding school to become more “lady-like.” However, the violent faculty and students threaten to finish her before she finishes school. Movie available on VHS.
  2. AD Police Files A prequel set five years before the events of the series Bubblegum Crisis, this three part OVA showcases some of the earlier cases of the AD Police as they protect the city of Megatokyo from terrorist attacks. All episodes available on VHS.
  3. Argento Soma Takuto Kenishiro joins in a series experiments performed by his girlfriend, Maki, and her boss, Dr. Noguchi, on a captured alien they have name “Frank.” After a freak accident leaves him the sole disfigured survivor, Takuto pursues vengeance by joining the military organization Funeral. However, suspicions concerning his now shadowy past and Funeral’s use of “Frank” through his attachment to an emotionally unstable girl means he walks a fine line between duty, betrayal, and revenge. All episodes available on DVD.
  4. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka is your “typical fourteen-year old Japanese teen,” with no real motivations or interest in the world. But after saving a mismatched dog, its owner, the talented guitarist Ryûsuke Minami brings Koyuki into his newly-formed band, named BECK, and puts him on a new path in life of punk and rapcore. All episodes available on DVD.
  5. Blue Gender After being cryogenically frozen for 20 years to stave off a deadly disease, Yuji Kaido wakes to find that the planet has been overrun by alien insects known as the Blue. Joining the group of soldiers who awakened him, Yuji journeys to Second Earth, the last remaining stronghold for humanity, where he learns his importance in saving humanity. Episodes 4-6 available on DVD
  6. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie Coming off her successful capture of all the Clow Cards, Sakura and her friends head travel to Hong Kong during their winter vacation. However, the contest winners soon find they are being led into a trap by a sorceress’ spirit with a vendetta against Sakura’s predecessor, Clow Reed. Movie available on DVD.
  7. Castle in the Sky The story of a boy, Pazu, and a myserious girl, Sheeta, who must deal with government forces and pirates as they follow a mysterious pendant in their search for the mythical flying city of Laputa. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Movie available on DVD.
  8. The Cat Returns A side story to the movie Whisper of the Heart, the film follows the shy protagonist Haru, who finds herself engaged to the revealed prince of the Cat Kingdom after saving him from an oncoming truck! She must then turn to the Cat Bureau and its owner, known only as the Baron, for help in escaping the impending nuptuals. Movie available on DVD.
  9. Cowboy Bebop In the year 2071, human colonies and spaceships span the entire solar system, with their rapid development and dusty settings generating a new breed of criminals and corruption. So Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, along with their partners Faye Valentine, Ed, and Ein, trying making end’s meet as bounty hunters aboard the spaceship Bebop. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, set between episodes 22 and 23, has the crew dealing with their largest ever bounty over a dangerous chemical weapon...and a madman preparing to use it. Complete series and film available on DVD.
  10. Coyote Ragtime Show “Mister” is one of the infamous outlaws or “coyotes” in the entire Milky Way Federation and after spending a year in prison, he breaks out with the help of his old partners Bishop and Katana. Reuniting with his adoptive daughter Franka, he embarks on a search for the massive treasure her father left behind, with federal investigators and the Criminal Guild’s twelve android assassins hot on his trail. All episodes available on DVD.
  11. Darker Than Black Ten years ago, “Hell’s Gate” opened within Tokyo, warping the area within it into a landscape of madness. Now, the shattered sky is hidden by a Great Wall and the city faces the threat of Contractors, humans who have gained powerful psychic powers at the expense of their conscience. Hei and his blind partner Yin are two powerful Contractors that, like many other agencies and nations, seeking to understand Hell’s Gate and its mysteries. First season available on DVD.
  12. Diamond Daydreams There is a legend that if someone sees diamond dust, when low clouds of ice crystals sparkle in the clear sky like gemstones, their wish will be granted or, if a girl and boy meet under the dust, they will be happy and married. The series follows six girls from Hokkaido, each of whom believes in the legend, and the romances, friendships, and conflicts they face in their lives. Episodes 1-4 available on DVD.
  13. Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Kazuki Yotsuga is a high school student, shunned by his fellow classmates for the visions he has of giant battling robots. Eventually, he finds himself tossed into a parallel universe, where the discovery of an advanced alien technology has occurred and the robot battles Kazuki sees really occur, and recruited as a robot pilot. Episodes 1-10 available on DVD.
  14. Elfen Lied Two young teenagers, Kohta and Yuka, during a visit to the beach, find a strange naked and injured girl washed on the shore, who they decide to name Nyū. As the three begin living together, the truth is revealed not only about Nyū’s alternate personality (the sadistic Lucy) but also her identity as a Diclonius, a new species of human with two horns on their heads and telekinetic powers. Episodes 1-4 available.
  15. Eureka Seven Renton Thurston is a fourteen-year old living between the reality of his grandfather’s small-town mechanics shop and his dreams of “reffing” on waves of Trapar particles in the sky. The balance is thrown when the Nirvash tyoeZERO mecha and its pilot, a young girl named Eureka, crash-lands into his garage, pulling him into a war alongside the Gekkostate mercenaries and the mysterious Amita Drive. Complete series available on DVD.
  16. Excel Saga An absurd comedy following the (mis)adventures of the hyperactive Excel and her sickly partner Hyatt, as they promote the secret society Across’ agenda of conquering the city of Fukuoka, as a first step towards greater world domination. All episodes available on DVD.
  17. Firefly Josh Whedon’s short-lived live-action science fiction series, which centers on the adventures of the Firefly-class spacecraft Serenity and its crew as they run cargo and smuggle across one of the star systems on the periphery of humanity’s expansion into the Universe. All episodes available on DVD.
  18. Fruits Basket Tohru Honda is an emphatically optimistic sixteen-year, despite having lost her mother and living a meager existence in a tent. After being found to have been living on the property of the Sohma family, she is offered room and board in exchange for her cooking and cleaning skills. However, she soon learns of the Sohma family’s curse: thirteen members become animals from the legend surrounding the Chinese Zodiac when touched by a member of the opposite sex. Episodes 7-26 available on DVD.
  19. Full Metal Panic! Kaname Chidori lives a normal enough life for a sixteen-year old Japanese schoolgirl, acting as class representative and generally popular among the students. Enter Sousuke Sagara, a seventeen-year old military specialist who grew up on the battlefield and has been charged with protecting Chidori. Chaos ensues, as Sagara adjust to high school life (despite being overly paranoid and trigger-happy in completely normal situatiuons) and Chidori learns her value as the latest of the “Whispered” candidates. All episodes available on DVD.
  20. Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid The sequel to the series Full Metal Panic! has the organization Mithril dealing with Amalgam, an secret organization that has gained the ability to counter ECS (Electronic Cloaking System) mode as well as “Black Technology.” Episodes 2-3 available as AVI files.
  21. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo A colorful, futuristic retelling of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel, the story follows a young Albert de Morcef as he comes into the acquaintance of the wealthy and mysterious Le Comte de Monte-Cristo. However, he has little idea of the machinations the Count is setting in motion to settle an old betrayal... Complete series on DVD.
  22. Gantz Kei Kurono was simply a selfish high school until, by chance, he met his old childhood friend Katou Masaru and helped him rescue a drunkard who had fallen onto a subway track. After the two are killed by the oncoming subway, they find themselves in a strange Tokyo apartment with several others of the recently deceased and a large mysterious black sphere known as “Gantz,” which announces they are going to participate in a game involving advanced weaponry and alien opponents. Episodes 1-2 available on DVD.
  23. Ghost in the Shell In the year 2029, the world has been transformed by the ubiquitousness of the net and the rise of artificial intelligence and cybernetics. When a hacker known as The Puppetmaster begins interfering in political affairs, the cyborgs “Major” Motoko Kusanagi and Batou of Public Security Section 9 are called in to investigate. Movie available on VHS.
  24. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Set after the events of the first Ghost in the Shell movie, the cybernized Batou and his new partner Togusa investigate a series of murders by “sex doll” robots for Public Security Section 9, all under a certain watchful eye. Movie available on DVD.
  25. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Set in an alternate continuity from the two famed movies, the television series follows the cases of Major Kusanagi and Batou in the year 2030 in dealing with cases of high-tech computer intelligence and old fashioned human corruption as well as the underlying mystery of the Laughing Man. All episodes available on DVD.
  26. Mobile Suit Gundam The series that launched the internationally-known Gundam franchise and its many incarnations, the story is set amid a war between the space colony known as the Principality of Zion and the Earth Federation. After space colony Side 7 is torn apart by battle, the young Amuro Ray stumbles on the warship White Base and its new weapon, the RX-78 Gundam, which promises to change the entire course of the war. Episodes 1-5 available on DVD.
  27. The Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors Adapted from Kyokutei Bakin’s eighteenth-century epic, this OVA follows eight spiritual samurai brothers who must unite to defend their clan from destruction by a demonic force. All episodes available on VHS.
  28. Hanappe Bazooka After summoning two demons through his television, lecherous high schooler Hanappe gains the power to drive women into lustful frenzies or shoot powerful beams with his index finger. Naturally, these newfound abilities and the presence of the two demons spirals into a series of increasingly weird events. Movie available on VHS.
  29. Hellsing Set in Britain against the backdrop of a battle between vampires and humans, Alucard, an ancient vampire with incredible powers, and his young protégé Seras Victoria fight as part of Hellsing, the British government’s secret organization tasked with dealing with the threat. All episodes available on DVD.
  30. His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) Yukino Miyazawa maintains an appearance of beauty, intelligence, and popularity in high school, despite being a stubborn slob at home. However, the arrival of Soichiro Arima, an equally well-groomed and popular student, threatens to undermine her social and academic status. Yet, the two soon find more in common with one another then either expected... Episodes 1-6 available on DVD.
  31. Howl’s Moving Castle Based on the book by Diana Wynne Jones and adapted by master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, the story revolves around a girl named Sophie who, after being aged to a 90-year old woman by the Witch of the Waste, finds herself in the service of the young and mysterious wizard Howl, who also suffers under his own curse. Movie available on DVD.
  32. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor Despite having no training, skills, or any form of initiative, Justy Tylor finds himself promoted from simple recruit to captain of the Soyokaze, the lowliest destroyer in the United Planets Space Force’s arsenal. He faces not only the ships of the Raalgon Empire but also a crew of misfits and mutineers less then satisfied with their captain’s behavior, which seems to straddle the line between stupidity and genius. Episodes 1-8 available on VHS.
  33. Jin-Ron: The Wolf Brigade Set in an alternate 1950s Japan, where the heavily-armored Panzer Cops battle the Molotov cocktails of anti-government forces. The story follows a disillusioned soldier, Kazuki Fuse, in the political fallout following his hesitation in shooting a terrorist courier and his increasing involvement with the courier’s sister against the darker themes of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Movie available on DVD.
  34. Kanon The 2006 adaptation of the best-selling visual novel, the series follows Yuichi Aizawa as he returns to the town he often visited as a child. But as he settles into his new life, with his aunt and cousin and new friends, he begins to find that his memories are blocked by an event seven years ago... Complete series on DVD.
  35. Kiki’s Delivery Service Based on the story by Eiko Kadono and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the film follows a young witch-in-training named Kiki as she sets out from home for a year of training to begin making her own way in the world. Movie available on VHS, both dubbed and subtitled.
  36. Kimera Strange “lifepods” have crashed into the mountains, bringing to life the terrors of legends known as vampires. In the midst of their wars, waged not only with humanity but also amongst themselves, a young man named Jay falls in love with a vampire named Kimera, who is at the center of a fight to perpetuate the vampire species. Movie available on VHS.
  37. Kino’s Journey Kino is a young adventurer, who travels on a talking motorcycle named Hermes, through the many countries and forests of the world he inhabits on the principle of staying only three days and two nights in each place. All episodes available on DVD.
  38. Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture Set the same universe of Record of Lodoss War, the story follows a war for the crown of Crystania between a group of warriors lead by Sir Redon, supporters of the cursed King Ashram, and the forces of the evil wizard Barbas. Movie available on VHS.
  39. Lupin III Third in a line of Arsène Lupins, the titular character is a masterful gentleman thief who steals from both the rich and the disreputable. His adventures include the search for a massive ancient hoard of gold in Legend of the Gold of Babylon and a scramble for two halves of a diamond that unlock a greater treasure in The Secret of the Twilight Gemini. Both movies available on VHS.
  40. Martian Successor Nadesico Akito Tenkawa would like to be a cook and watch his favorite anime, Gekiganger 3. However, he finds himself recruited as a robot fighter pilot on the commercial battleship Nadesico. He, like the rest of the crew on this “ship of fools,” must find answers to questions he has about his past life on Mars and his mysterious escape to Earth, the present war with the Jovian Lizards, and the future he wants to have. All episodes available on DVD.
  41. Memories A film composed of three separate short films: Magnetic Rose (a space freighter stumbles upon a derelict space station run by the deranged computer imprint of a lovelorn opera diva), Stink Bomb (a young man, through an unusual combination of the flu and experimental medicine, becomes a walking weapon of mass destruction), and Cannon Fodder (a day in the life of a city built around cannons, from the cannon-shaped smokestacks to the massive weapons fired against an unseen enemy city). Movie available on DVD.
  42. Millennium Actress In the interweaving of a documentary interview and vivid memories of real-life occurrences and movie roles, Chiyoko Fujiwara recalls her career from the 1930s to the 1960s and her tragic search of the man she loved. Movie available on DVD.
  43. Mushi-Shi They are perhaps the most primeval form of life on Earth, unlike any form of animal, plant, fungi, or bacteria. Their purpose and function are steeped in eternal mystery, their appearance known only to a few humans who can see them. These are the stories of Ginko, a “Mushi-shi” who travels to discover more about these mushi. All episodes available on DVD.
  44. My Neighbor Totoro As two young girls, Mei and Satsuki, move into their new home out into the wooded countryside and make new friends, they also meet the three “Totoro” spirits that protect the forest. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Movie available on DVD.
  45. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind The young and brave princess of the tranquil Valley of the Wind, Nausicaä finds her world being thrown into chaos as the warring neighboring countries battle for power and survival against the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Movie available on DVD.
  46. Neon Genesis Evangelion Fourteen year-old Shinji Ikari is summoned by his estranged father to the city of Tokyo-3 to be a pilot of the Evangelions, massive robots designed to defend against the attacks of the mysterious Angels. However, the battle soon becomes one of psychological issues and a potentially apocalyptic scenario for the forced evolution of mankind. All episodes available on VHS.
  47. Night on the Galactic Railroad Based on a short story by Kenji Miyazawa, which follows a lonely boy named Giovanni who, on a trip to get milk for his ailing mother, finds himself boarding a train that crosses the Milky Way Galaxy, making stops at all kinds of strange and interesting worlds and various constellations. Movie available on VHS.
  48. Oh My Goddess! A wrong phone number and an impulsively-made wish finds Keiichi Morisato living with the beautiful and kind-hearted goddess Belldandy, whose lives and budding romance are complicated by Belldandy’s great powers and Keiichi’s mechanical interests. All episodes of the 1993 series available on VHS.
  49. Ouran High School Host Cub Haruhi Fujioka is a poor “commoner” scholarship student at the illustrious Ouran Academy, simply looking for peace and quiet to study in. However, after stumbling in on the school’s Host Club and its menagerie of handsome young men, dedicated to entertaining the school’s beautiful girls, and smashing an expensive vase, Haruhi is put to work as the club’s newest host. But Haruhi, as it turns out, is a girl and hilarity of the utmost follows her and the club on their many extravagant exploits. All episodes available on DVD.
  50. Outlaw Star Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater world of Centinel 3. However, when a simple bodyguard job for the mysterious Hilda draws them into a larger web of conflict, they find themselves fleeing police, pirates, an assassin, and a disgraced alien ambassador in the galaxy’s most advanced spaceship, the Outlaw Star. All episodes available on DVD.
  51. Otogi Zoshi By the middle of the Heian Era, the capital city of Kyoto has become a breeding ground for corruption and disease. In an effort to save the city, the Imperial Court tasks the samurai Minamoto no Raiko with retrieving the scattered three of the five sacred Magatama stones. However, he falls ill shortly afterward and so, his younger sister Hikaru secretly decides to complete the journey in his place. All episodes available on DVD.
  52. Patlabor As Tokyo undergoes a massive redevelopment through the use of construction robots known as “Labors,” there are those that use this new technology for criminal purposes, for which the Tokyo Metropolitan Police forms the Special Vehicle Division. In Patlabor: The Movie, the suicide of a scientist casts suspicions upon the Babylon Project at the center of the reconstruction project and a plan that may threaten the city. The sequel, Patlabor 2: The Movie, has the team reunited after three years to face off against a potential terrorist plot. Both movies available on VHS.
  53. Phantom of Inferno In this “visual novel” game, you are a 15-year old Japanese boy kidnapped after witnessing a reporter’s murder. Rather than killing you, however, the organization Inferno decides instead to brainwash and train you as an assassin. Trained under the name “Zwei” by the beautiful “Ein,” you soon find yourself fighting for survival amid your missions and the internal conflicts of Inferno itself.
  54. Please Save My Earth Alice Sakaguchi starts having vivid dreams of being another person living on the moon and after she learns that some of her classmates are having the same kinds of dreams, she comes to the realization that they are memories of their past lives; memories that not only outline their tragic ends, but also affect their current lives. All episodes available on DVD.
  55. Pom Poko When a group of tanuki are faced with their forest homes being destroyed to make way for human development, they decide to fight back by causing accidents and using their magical ability to transform into objects and people. Movie available on VHS.
  56. Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) After receiving a curse mark on his right arm while saving his village from a corrupted boar god, the Emishi prince Ashitaka journeys westward in search of a cure. He eventually comes to Irontown, which serves as the focal point for a confrontation between human ambition and industrial development the city represents and the old order of forest and animal gods, including a human girl known as “Princess of the Spirits.” Movie available on DVD and VHS.
  57. Project A-Ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group Eiko (A-ko) and her friends Biko (B-ko) and Shiiko (C-ko) go on summer vacation, focusing on things like weight loss and love. Meanwhile, B-Ko’s father, Hikari Daitokuji, plots to attack Napolipolita and Spy-D’s spaceship, which has been converted into a hotel, in order to gain its advanced technology. Movie available on VHS.
  58. Rail of the Star The autobiographical tale of Chitose Kobayashi, a Japanese girl living in occupied Korea through the tragedies of World War II and the subsequent persecution by communist forces. Eventually, they are forced to flee south towards the 38th parallel and free South Korea, guided only by the North Star. Movie available on VHS.
  59. RahXephon Seventeen year old Ayato Kamina lived what he thought was as ordinary of a life one could ask for in Tokyo Jupiter, supposedly the last bastion of human civilization left on Earth. But the attacks of the strange multidimensional civilization Mu, with their blue-blooded agents and monstrous Dolems, throws everything into question and puts him on a path with the mysterious girl Reika Mishima and the powerful mecha RahXephon. Episodes 1-5 available on DVD.
  60. Read or Die Yomiko Readman is an agent of the British Library, tasked with spreading literacy and maintaining the dominance of the Empire, who has the power to control any paper she comes into contact with. The R.O.D. - Read of Die OVA has Yomiko and her two teammates attempting to retrieve a book stolen by the I-Jin, a group of clones of historical figures, with the potential to help topple civilization. R.O.D. - The TV picks up five years afterward with Yomiko’s former student, Nenene Sumiregawa, joining the Paper Sister Detectives in a search for the missing Yomiko. All episodes of the OVA and the television series are available on DVD.
  61. Revolutionary Girl Utena After being consoled by a kind prince following her parents’ death, Utena Tenjou resolved to emulate her idol in appearance and character. Years later, she is attending Ohtori Academy and, after fighting a duel for a friend’s honor, she finds herself engaged to the “Rose Bride” and drawn into a series of other duels with the Student Council. Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie features a more loose retelling of the television series. Episodes 1-7 available on VHS and the movie is available on DVD.
  62. Roujin Z The Z-001 is a robot system designed to house and care for the elderly. However, a test run with the elderly Mr. Takazawa soon has the system running amok! Movie available on VHS.
  63. Samurai Gun Japan is entering the Edo Period, as the feudal era ends and the Industrial Revolution begins, and the ruling shogunate uses weapons of beatings, imprisonment, rape, and murder to subdue its subjects. Now, a group of samurai have banded together and used new weapons and technology to fight injustice. Episodes 1-4 available on DVD.
  64. Scrapped Princess Set in the kingdom of Leinwan, Pacifica is one of a set of twins born to the royal family, but is thrown off a cliff after it is prophesied that she will cause the destruction of the world if she reaches the age of sixteen. She is, however, rescued and raised by a family of commoners and, at the age of fifteen, finds herself on the run from a number of enemies, with only her foster brother’s sword and sister’s magic to protect her. Episodes 1-4 available on DVD.
  65. Silent Möbius: The Movie In a future where a massive cyclotron has opened a gateway has opened a gateway between Earth and the world Nemesis, the Attacked Mystification Police, lead by Lufa Cheyenne, exists to defend humans against the increasing attacks of marauding creatures. Movie available on VHS.
  66. Sorcerer Hunters On the continent of Spooner, a small group of sorcerers rule with absolute authority and little restraint. But one group of unusual characters, the Sorcerer Hunters, dispense their own judgments on these aristocrats and may be the best hope for the common people. All episodes available on DVD.
  67. Spirited Away A magical tale by director Hayao Miyazaki about a young girl named Chihiro who stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park with her parents that turns out to be a bathhouse for spirits and gods. With her parents turned to pigs and her name stolen, she must work hard in her job at the bathhouse while trying to find a way home. Movie available on DVD.
  68. Spriggan On Turkey’s Mount Ararat, the remains of what is believed to be Noah’s Ark are discovered as one of the last artifacts of an ancient advanced civilization. Now, the ARCAM Corporation and its Spriggan agents must prevent its technology from falling into the wrong hands. Movie available on DVD.
  69. Steamboy As London prepare to host the first Great Exhibition to highlight the progress of the Industrial Revolution, a young inventor named James Ray Steam comes into possession of an invention developed by his father and grandfather known as the Steamball. Soon, he becomes entangled in the machinations of the O’Hara Foundation and its plans for the Steamball and only Ray’s technical genius and daring can stop them. Movie available on DVD.
  70. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Robotech) Ten years after an alien ship crashed in the South Pacific, resulting in massive technological advancements. Its reconstructed form, christened the SDF-1 Macross, takes flight as an alien race known as the Zentradi mounts an attack on the Earth. Released under the Robotech Perfect Collection: Macross, each tape contains two episodes of the American cut series Robotech and the corresponding episodes of the original Japanese series. Episodes 1-6 and 13-14 available on VHS.
  71. They Were 11 The elite Cosmo Academy has, as its final entrance exam, a perilous mission simulation aboard an actual derelict spaceship. However, the group of originally ten applicants onboard the Esperanza discover that they now number eleven and soon, tensions and suspicions soon begin to simmer as the ship progresses in its decaying orbit around a star. Movie available on VHS.
  72. Those Who Hunt Elves Due to a botched magical spell, an actor, a martial artist, a gun-crazy high schooler, and a tank find themselves trapped in a world of magic and elves. Their only way home is to find the five spell fragments that reside, tattoo-like, on the skin of five elves distributed across this world. All episodes available on DVD.
  73. Tokyo Godfathers Three homeless people (an alcoholic, a high school runaway, and a former drag queen) hunting through trash come across an abandoned baby. The three begin a search for the baby’s real parents, all the while revealing their own pasts and motivations in helping the child. Movie available on DVD.
  74. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Syaoran is an archeologist following in the footsteps of his adopted father, who uncovers a mysterious symbol in the ruins he is excavating, as his childhood friend, Princess Sakura, has mysterious dreams about the same symbol. When powers manifest in Sakura at the ruins, Syaoran interrupts the ceremony, only to scatter her soul in the form of “feathers” across the many dimensions. So Syaoran begins a journey with a banished ninja and a fleeing magician between the many worlds, collecting these feathers, even at the cost of losing his relationship to Sakura. Episodes 1-18 available on DVD.
  75. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust D is a dhampir, half-human and half-vampire, dedicated to ridding the post-apocalyptic world of the ruling Nobility that persecutes the last vestiges of humanity. The movie has D hired to rescue a young woman named Charlotte from the vampire Count Meier Link, facing both a group of volatile competitors and his target’s reluctance to return. Movie available on DVD.
  76. The Venus Wars In 2003, after a massive comet’s collision caused the planet Venus to undergo a form of terraforming, mankind finds a new home on the two new continents of Ishtar and Aphrodia. Now, as the two powers find themselves going to war, hotshot motorcycle jockey Hiro Seno finds himself fighting for his life on the front lines. Movie available on DVD.
  77. Video Girl Ai After learning the girl he likes is in love with his best friend, a dejected Yota Moteuchi decides to try and relive his sadness with what he believes is a normal erotic tape, until an actual girl crawls out of his television! A VCR glitch means she is stuck in the real world with Yota and soon begins to feel real human emotions as well. Volume 2 available on VHS.
  78. Vision of Escaflowne A dimensional rift transports normal high schooler Hitomi Kanzaki to the parallel world of Gaea, where she finds herself tied to the destiny of the young prince Van Fanel in his war against the Zaibach Empire. Episodes 5-26 available on VHS.
  79. X Kamui Shirō returns, as per his mother’s last wishes, to Tokyo and his childhood friends Fūma and Kotori Monō. He is, however, set to be a pivotal character in an apocalyptic battle between the forces of the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven that tears apart the city and threatens the end of the world. Movie available on DVD.
  80. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files Yusuke Urameshi was nothing but a street-brawling middle school delinquent. Then he died. Now, his last act of unexpected selflessness has given him another chance at life and a new career as a spirit detective investigating demonic cases in the human world. Episodes 1-4 are available on VHS, dubbed.
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