Projects & Research A Radical Approach to Real Analysis Macalester College


Chapter 1: Crises in Mathematics: Fourier's Series

Chapter 2: Infinite Summations

Chapter 3: Differentiability and Continuity

Chapter 4: The Convergence of Infinite Series

Chapter 5: Understanding Infinite Series

Chapter 6: Return to Fourier Series

Appendix A: Explorations of the Infinite



Resources for A Radical Approach to Real Analysis (2nd edition)


The following people have contributed corrections to the 2nd edition of A Radical Approach to Real Analysis. Their careful reading of this text is greatly appreciated.

Donald G. M. Anderson
Drew Ash
John Baltutis
Jacob Bond
Donald Brewer
Paul Campbell
Dan Flath
Tim Fortune
Joseph Gerver
Larry Gray
Kevin Hartshorne
Larry Holmquist
Ryan Mullen
Jennifer Parker
David Pearson
Luke Pinkston
Fred Rickey
Hans R. Schneebeli
Tom Sciascia
Stan Selzer
Jon Stadler
Steve Strogatz
Naveen Thakur
Erin Thorngate
Enrique Treviņo
Richard Vitray
Hao Zou


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