Architecture at Macalester

Students who are interested in architecture have the opportunity to complete three years at Macalester and then transfer to Washington University in St. Louis for a senior year of accelerated architectural study, leading to a BA degree in art from Macalester.

Three years of graduate study at Washington University then lead to a master’s degree in architecture.

Architecture Courses at Washington University

During the first year at Washington University, students take a series of core-design studios; coursework in architectural fundamentals; graphic media; digital technology; history and theory; and an introduction to building systems and technology.

This year is followed by a semester of transition to the School of Architecture’s vertical studio sequence, during which students are allowed to select from a variety of design problems offered by various studio instructors.

Students also continue their required and elective studies in history and theory, building systems and technology, landscape and environmental design, graphic media, urban design, and professional practice.

The program ends with the design thesis project, which provides the opportunity for students to integrate all of their studies into one final, self-directed design project.