Department News

New Courses for Fall 2017

CHIN/ASIA 255:  China on Screen
Instructor:  Xin Yang

From Kung Fu Panda to The Great Wall, “China” is imagined in a variety of ways in transnational cinema.  This course begins with silent film and extends to the fifth generation directors, underground film making, and the revival of martial arts genre in greater China area.  No prior knowlege of China or Chinese language is required.  Fulfills GER of Internationalism. 

JAPA 254-: Japanese Film and Animation: From the Salaryman to the Shōjo
Instructor:  Arthur Mitchell

This course examines the development of Japanese film from the classics of Japanese cinema to the transnational genre of anime.  No prior knowledge of Japanese or Japanese culture is required.  All films have English subtitles, and all readings are in English.  Weekly film screenings.

JAPA/ASIA/LING 335 – Analyzing Japanese Language
Instructor: Satoko Suzuki

Does the Japanese language reflect the relational sense of self?  Do you have to speak in gendered forms when you speak casually?  Students will discuss these questions and other nuts and bolts issues in Japanese linguistics.  Juniors and seniors may count this as their capstone experience; the course also fulfills the Social Science distribution requirement.  Prerequisite:  JAPA 204 or permission of the instructor.