The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures hosts a variety of speakers throughout the year.  Some past speakers are:

Yuhang Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Dance, Hair, Brush & Hairpin: Buddhist Women’s Devotional Practices in Late Imperial China”

Shaohua Guo, Carleton College,  “Occupying” the Internet: State Media and the Reinvention of Chinese Official Culture Online

Jocelyne Allen, Japanese Translator and Interpreter,  “Read Comics all day and get paid for it”

Yuichiro Onishi, University of Minnesota, “The Japanese Campaign to Defend the Life and Human Rights of Robert F. Williams, 1970-75

William Bridges IV, St. Olaf College – “Blackness in Japanese Literature in the Age of Hip Hop”

Wendy Larson, University of Oregon,  “Zhang Yimou and the Politics of Culture: From To Live to Hero

Kendall Heitzman, University of Iowa, “Parallel Universes, Proxy Nostalgia, the War Without End: The World Five Minutes from Now and The Place Promised in our Early Days



CATJ 28 was held virtually at Macalester in May, 2020. 
Proceedings can be found here:  The 28th Central Association of Teachers of Japanese Conference (CATJ 28)