Here are some of the presentation slides shown during CATJ 28.  We asked all the presenters if they would be interested in sharing their slides.  For a number of reasons, not all of the presenters have chosen to do so.

“Diversity” in Critical Language Education
Yuri Kumagai
Language Instruction for Students with Accommodations
Carly Born

Doing Pragmatics Learning in L1-L2 Interaction: “How to Be Less Humbly Humble?”
Yoshiyuki Hara

Curriculum change to address students’ diverse needs and proficiency levels
Tomomi Kakegawa

Emotional Personal Japanese over Practical Useful Japanese
Chikako Cooke

The Correlation between Lectures on Topics Unrelated to Language in the Language Classroom and Learners’ Motivation for Language Learning
Keiko Kawakami

Ayumi Mita

Defining Inclusivity
Arthur Mitchell

Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion
Hanna Brandt

Japanese Education and Gender/Sexual Diversity
Yoshihiro Mochizuki

Keiko Konoeda

Magara Maeda

Yoshiro Hanai/Shoko Emori

Ikuko Komuro-Lee

On Goals of Language Education and Professional Competence and Expertise: Towards the Cultivation of the Next Generation
Junko Mori