A successful assessment program must engage a wide variety of perspectives, and should foster broad participation. Macalester encourages faculty, staff and students to participate in the design, planning and implementation of assessment. Here’s a brief description of the role each plays:

  • First, the Student Learning Committee (SLC). The main purpose of the SLC is to ensure that Macalester is providing an education consistent with its college-wide student learning goals, as derived from the Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose and Belief.
  • The Associate Dean of the Faculty directs Macalester’s student learning inquiry efforts. The Associate Dean serves as the Chair of SLC and is an ex officio member of the General Education Requirements Committee (GERC).
  • Individual faculty and staff implement their own assessment tools, or contribute to the success of the college’s assessment efforts through their support of our assessment program.
  • Macalester students participate in assessment assignments which help the college to understand its impact on student learning. Student involvement in committees such as SLC ensures that student voices are part of the conversation about student learning at Macalester.
  • The Provost channels the resources needed to implement assessment and can create the incentives for the participation of individual faculty, departments, and programs.
  • The General Education Requirement Committee (GERC) oversees both the approval of courses and the assessment of the four general education requirements (GERs) of internationalism, multiculturalism, quantitative thinking and writing.
  • The Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST) provides an administrative foundation for faculty development.
  • The Institutional Research Office provides an infrastructure for the analysis of data.
  • The Assistant Director of Assessment is responsible for carrying out new and existing strategies that Macalester has developed to assess student learning outcomes.