General Education assessment at Macalester consists of both indirect and direct assessment of student learning.  Assessment of our general education requirements include:

  • Faculty input through community meetings and occasional surveys
  • Direct assessment, either through collection of student work completed within courses or through administration of common questions
  • Student input via surveys related to experiences with the requirement and level of confidence in the abilities to demonstrate aspects of our learning goals

Schedule for General Education assessment:
AY 2009-2010:  Writing
AY 2010-2011:  Quantitative Thinking
AY 2011-2012:  Multiculturalism; Longitudinal Writing
AY 2012-2013:  Internationalism
AY 2013-2014:  Longitudinal Quantitative Thinking
AY 2014-2015:  Distribution Requirements
AY 2015-2016:  First Year Course Requirement