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Macalester strives to foster an inclusive and welcoming community where any student, staff, or faculty member, regardless of background, can live, learn, and thrive. To that end, the Bias Response Team (BRT), a group of professional staff members, focuses on addressing incidents that undermine the values of inclusivity and human dignity that our campus holds.

Although we continue to pursue the goal of an inclusive community, we recognize that no campus is immune to larger systemic issues that include but are not limited to racism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, heterosexism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, classism, and ageism. These systemic issues maybe be manifested in the forms of bias incidents.

Anyone who feels they have been affected by an incident of bias is encouraged to make a report to the Bias Response Team, so the college can offer assistance.

The Team’s purpose is to:

  • assist those who feel aggrieved
  • help students, faculty or staff understand how their behavior has affected others
  • track and monitor incidents that negatively impact our campus climate
  • develop programming and other efforts that lead to the interruption of bias, harassment, and discrimination
  • recommend promising practices for structural change based on trends and findings of bias

It is important to note that the Bias Response Team will assess the severity of incidents and determine appropriate response, which may or may not include disciplinary action. The college will take immediate and appropriate action when biased conduct or hate is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it impedes the safety of the educational and/or working environment.

In certain cases, the Bias Response Team may assist impacted individuals with their own response to incidents of bias. Fostering an inclusive community is the responsibility of all community members and the Bias Response Team will work to empower others with appropriate skills and responses.