An overview

The Saint Paul Coalition for Community Development is a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to building communities within the Twin Cities area into safe and affordable areas for low and lower-middle income families. Each organization takes a unique approach to this goal, but each has joined together under the banner of this shared goal to more effectively assist others.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward sustainable construction. In an era of global warming, increased environmental degradation and soaring energy costs, not enough stress can be placed on changing our attitudes in favor of preserving our resources and world. Such a transformation in housing construction can, unfortunately, be costly. In the past, this has left lower income households without the means to improve the sustainability of their homes and lower energy costs. However, it is becoming possible to find economically feasible ways to transform the sustainability of low-income housing.


This site is a starting point for that transformation. It provides some basic information on sustainable products and techniques and where you can find them in the Twin Cities. There are links to national sustainable programs and information on each of the Coalition's member organizations. In the Members section, you'll find funding sources for green and low-income housing construction as well as a discussion forum to encourage further inter-organizational communication and cooperation.