Building Products

It is not always economically feasible to build a low-or-middle-income home or housing unit using exclusively sustainable products. That's why we've provided this section to give you a few ideas on how to slowly implement sustainable construction into your projects. Investing in just one or two of these products can significantly affect the energy usuage (and therefore, energy cost) of a home. In addtion, we've located vendors for these products that are located in or around the Twin Cities, and are generally independently owned. By working with these vendors, you'll not only be practicing economic and environmental efficiency, you'll be supporting local business. Look forward to more product description over the next few months!

  • Metal Roofing
  • Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating
  • Front Loading Washers
  • Wooden, Non-toxic Windows
  • Construction Materials
  • Non-toxic paints, fiber cement siding, and stucco

Obviously there are many more products, besides those that we have highlighted here that help improve the sustainability of a home. The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance has a number of resources and tools to help you continue your search for green building products.