Construction Materials

It can be difficult to choose materials used in constructing a new home especially concerning the exterior. Here are a few options that are not only cheap, but will cut insulation and maintenance costs down the road.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Highly resistant to rotting or cracking and hail or rain damage. Most brands are guaranteed to last for up to 50 years, even in severe climates (like Minnesota!).

  • Attractive, holds exterior paint for far longer than wood or vinyl siding

  • Made primarily from recycled products


  • Durable and Breathable. This means that water that gets behind the outside layer does not get trapped, making it practically impervious to rot and fungus. This has the added effect of protecting indoor air quality in the home.

  • Water-shedding, hard, impact-resistant, fire-resistant, and color-retentive, exterior finish material

  • Durable wall cover in all climates - wet, dry, hot or cold

  • Helps retain cool air in the summer and warm in the winter

Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes

  • Protects indoor air quality with significantly lower fumes. Most paints release low-level toxins into household air for years after application.

  • Reduced allergies and chemical sensitivities.

  • Reduces landfill, groundwater and o-zone depleting contaminants.

  • Low-VOC products perform well in terms of coverage, scrubability and hideability (covering flaws on previous coats).

  • Easy cleanup with soap and warm water.

  • Low odor during application; no odor once cured. No off-gassing. Painted areas can be occupied sooner, with no odor complaints.

  • Not Deemed Hazardous Waste. Cleanup and disposal greatly simplified