Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Developement Corporation

"To improve the economic social-well being of the communities we serve"


ASANDC fosters positive relationship within and between neighborhoods, and to support its community members in effecting their choices relative to the quality of life in their neighborhoods.


ASANDC was established in 1880 in St. Paul's Summit-University community as a neighborhood watch and crime prevention community group.

Today ASANDC is a nonprofit membership based organization with more than 200 members in the Summit-University, Aurora/St. Anthony, and homas-Dale neighborhoods (Ward 1). ASANDC takes pride in organization residents to have their voices in addressing community issues. We have expanded our services to the community while maintaining an involved member-oriented structure.

Our activities run the gamut, from the creating of neighborhood gardens to the sponsorships of commercial real estate and affordable housing ventures. ASANDC has served over 16,700 people, 80% of which have been African American.
Since 1980 and the beginning of the neighborhood crime watch programs, the crime rate alone has decreased by 80% in Ward 1 of Saint Paul through the work of ASANDC.


Affordable housing

This program helps planning and development of affordable housing, including strategies for prevention of homeless.

Youth Count

Through Youth Count, youth is involved in a range of activities and educational opportunities that promote and support their passages to being healthy, responsible and law-abiding citizens. This program enables people to understand the assets youth are to the community.

Seniors-"Age ain't nothing but a number"

This program creates ways to connect with senior citizens in ways that meet their needs and draw upon strengths and assets their assets.

Crime prevention

Community residents operate through individual and collective work and responsibility, through community self determination and self empowerment to create a safe and viable community.

Ex-offender aftercare

"Vision in living life- Change is possible" - a model used to provide community support for successful re-entry and recognition for ex-offenders to the community and their families.

Economic development

This program stimulates the growth of more sustainable small businesses and commercial development in the community through training and support.

Family financial wellness program

This particular program assists economically challenged people of color, and culturally diverse families gain access to financial resources through education, become stable and credit worth. At the same time this program helps families begin to built and create assets.


It is a partnership between Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Developement Corporation and Model Cities Community Development Corporation. The mission is to create affordable homeownership opportunity for families of color.

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Aurora/St Anthony Neighborhood
Development Corporation
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