Dayton's Bluff NHS


The Dayton's Bluff Neighbourhood Housing Services (DBNHS) is not a government agency, nor is it a business working to make a profit. DBNHS is a private, nonprofit corporation with a volunteer Board of Directors, the majority of whom are neighborhood residents. Other Board members represent financial organizations, government and private business.


BNHS was started in 1980 by residents of the neighborhood.Since 1980, DBNHS has been directly responsible for investment in over 1000 housing units totaling more than $32,000,000.


DBNHS' programs and services included:

  • Rehab and repair - low interest and deferred payment loans for repairs to owner-occupied homes.
  • MHFA rehab loans - to resident homeowners for basic and necessary improvements.
  • Homeownership promotion - entry cost and down payment assistance, market rate and reduced rate financing for purchase and purchase with rehab.
  • Houses to Homes - purchase and rehab of vacant houses for sale to new homeowners.
  • New construction - construction and sale of scattered site new single family and townhomes.
  • The programs administered by DBNHS are available to households whose gross income from all sources (wages, rent, assistance, pensions, etc) is 80% or less of the median income for the Twin Cities metropolitan area (the column highlighted in yellow). The amount is adjusted for family size as indicated in the chart click here In the case that the household is over the income guidelines there are other organizations that could give the service. Please click here to get the contact information for other organizations in your area that could do so.

    Contact Information

    You can contact DBNHS by:
    Phone: (651) 774-6995
    Fax: (651) 774-0445
    Mail: 823 Seventh Street East St. Paul, MN 55106