East Side Neighborhood Development Company


esndc's mission is to create wealth and well-being in a thriving and engaged multi-cultural neighborhood.


East Side Neighborhood Development Company's (ESNDC) comprehensive development and wealth creation strategy is based on actively engaging the diverse people and businesses in the neighborhood in housing, economic, and human development work. ESNDC also acts as a catalyst and project sponsor for major redevelopment initiatives in the neighborhood. ESNDC actively develops partnerships with government, the private sector, foundations, and other non-profit organizations to accomplish the development goals that have been established by the neighborhood. Programs include:


  • Housing Development - improving the quality and affordability of owner-occupied and rental housing.
  • Economic Development - revitalizing the Payne Avenue and Arcade Street commercial areas.
  • Human Development - engaging people in building strong families in a prosperous multi-cultural neighborhood.
  • Community Catalyst and Project Sponsor - inspiring, mobilizing, and supporting comprehensive redevelopment.

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East Side Neighborhood Development Company, Inc.
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