Neighborhood Development Alliance

"Making our neighbourhoods true house for all"


The Neighborhood Development Alliance, or NEDA. NeDA's service area for direct development of affordable housing (ownership and rental) is St. Paul's West Side (bounded on the east, north and west by Mississippi River and the south by Annapolis Street). However, we provide home ownership counseling: pre to post to foreclosure prevention and financial literacy classes the Twin Cities Latino population. NeDA also originates MHFA fix-up loans to Spanish-speaking homeowners metro wide.


Neighborhood Development Alliance (NeDA) is a nonprofit community development corporation founded in 1989 as St. Paul's West Side's development arm and was charged with implementing the community's goals and priorities as set forth in the 1988 West Side Long Range Plan. NeDA's stated mission is to strengthen the vitality of lower-income neighborhoods within the City of St. Paul, by creating and preserving housing and business opportunities for residents of all income levels. Over the years, our goals have expanded to include serving the Latino population in the seven county metro area.


NeDA's development strategy and programs include: major revitalization initiatives focused on West Side community gateways, systematic rehabilitation of the West Side residential community through affordable rental development, home owner rehab grants/loans and infill development (both rehab and new construction), home ownership, refinance and foreclosure counseling services geared toward low and moderate income and Spanish-speaking families/individuals (Metro wide), and a commitment to economic opportunities that impact the financial health of community members through free tax clinics and financial literacy training (in Spanish, Twin Cities wide).

Contact Information

Address: Wabasha Ctr, 481 Wabasha Street, St. Paul, MN, 55107


Phone Number: 651-292-0131