RCLT is a community-based affordable housing land trust working to create and preserve homeownership for low-to-moderate income households in St. Paul. They strive to achieve permanent, long-term housing affordability through the use of a Ground Lease. RCLT homebuyers purchase only the house, and enter into a 99-year Ground Lease with the community land trust for the exclusive use of the land. If a homeowner decides to sell their home, the house is sold to another low-to-moderate income household for the original purchase price plus 25% of any appreciation in the homes value.



The Rondo CLT has formed a partnership with Thompson Associates to create a pilot program called The Homebuyer Initiated Program/ Home Ownership Program (HIP/HOP). HIP/HOP assists families with children that are currently in Public Housing, or that have a Section 8 Voucher issued by a PHA. HIP/HOP participants receive up to $50,000 in grant money from Rondo CLT and an additional $20,000 from Thompson Associates (deferred, and deferred and forgiven loans). HIP/HOP serves two families at a time; as a family moves into homeownership, it creates a vacancy in a public housing unit or allows for a Section 8 Voucher to be turned back in for another family to use

House Moving and Rehabs

Rondo CLT moves buildings slated for demolition to vacant lots for extensive rehabilitation and sale as affordable housing. Rondo CLT has helped divert over 15 million pounds of demolition waste from landfills. Rondo CLT has moved a total of 12 buildings-15 housing units.


Rondo CLT continues to develop lasting collaborative relationships with a variety of organizations with complimentary missions. These partnerships have been integral in Rondo CLT's success in saving housing units form demolition, building sustainable housing, providing on-site training for women entering the trades, affecting public policy related to long-term affordable housing, and promoting the community land trust model.

Contact Information

626 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-221-9884
Fax 651-221-9831


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