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The mission of the Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA) is to enhance the quality of life on Saint Paul's West Side by cultivating a sustainable and vibrant business community.

The Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA) exists to enhance the quality of life on Saint Paul’s West Side by cultivating a sustainable and vibrant business community. REDA is the West Side business association that represents local businesses and business interests. In addition, REDA is a community development corporation (CDC) whose focus is economic development on the West Side. Key programs and initiatives include: loan and grant programs for area businesses, advocacy for the West Side business community, marketing related strategies for the District del Sol Commercial Corridor, and development of strategic commercial properties in our community.


In 1983, a group of West Side business owners founded the Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA). These merchants were experiencing a declining economy at that time and felt the negative impacts it had on their businesses, the commercial district, and the surrounding neighborhood.

These small business owners developed an organization that would demonstrate strong leadership in community-based economic development activities and become a catalyst for commercial redevelopment and public improvements.

REDA's Vision

  • Revitalize the commercial district, now known as District del Sol
  • Build on the capacities of Saint Paul's most diverse neighborhood.

Through significant financial investment and active civic involvement, the REDA membership creates an environment that attracts private development and leverages public capital investment.


The REDA office staffs professionals who provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Business development and planning
  • Business financing through loans for start-up and expansion
  • Rehabilitation program and commercial improvement grants
  • Recruitment of new businesses into vacant storefronts
  • Business expansion strategies
  • Marketing through events and other media
  • Commercial real estate development
  • Streetscape development and public art

Contact Info

176 Cesar Chavez St.
St. Paul, MN 55107
Office Phone: 651-222-6347
Office Fax: 651-222-8398

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