"Developing your Neighborhood"


The Selby Area Community Development Corporation provides leadership for community, housing and business development initiatives that engage and benefit the area's diverse people and neighborhoods.


Selby Area CDC incorporated in 1989 to implement physical development projects that would benefit the Summit-University area by halting deterioration and attracting investment. During its early years, Selby Area CDC constructed and rehabilitated several single-family homes. Selby Area CDC also helped develop Selby Commons, a 32 unit scattered site affordable housing development with commercial space. In 2000, Selby Area CDC was rebuilt after experiencing organizational challenges in the late 1990s. Selby Area CDC began hiring new staff, raised funds and launched new initiatives. In 2001, Selby Area CDC refined its mission and set priorities for a three-year horizon.


Selby Area CDC has three community development strategic priorities:

  1. Strengthening Selby Avenue,
  2. Improving housing and
  3. Linking people through community building. These priorities are targeted toward residents, business owners and visitors.

Contact Information

Phone: 651-291-7704
Fax: 651-290-9393
626 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104