Process for Submitting Pcard Reconciliation Digitally

  1. Complete the online Wells Fargo Pcard reconciliation as normal (enter descriptions, update budgets, submit statement by clicking “Statement Reviewed”)
  2. ‘Print’ your Pcard statement – Print to PDF and save as [Your Last Name]-[Month]-PcardStatement (i.e. Lane-June-PcardStatement)
  3. Email all receipts & Pcard statement to [email protected], & copy your Pcard Approver
    • Please use Subject Line [Pcard Statement Month & Year] – [Your Last Name] (i.e.  June 2022-Lane)
    • Please use the transaction number as listed on the Pcard statement as the receipt name (i.e. Transaction1, Transaction2, etc.)  You may also
      combine your receipts into one PDF and rearrange them into the same order as your statement.  Adobe Acrobat makes rearranging and combining
      PDFs easy. Please contact ITS if you need Adobe Acrobat.
    • If you have misplaced a receipt, include the completed Pcard Missing Receipt Declarations in place of the receipt.  You will receive a PDF copy with your approver’s signature once the Pcard Missing Receipt Declaration is complete.
    • Please ATTACH your receipts to your email – do not send them as a Google Drive link.
  4. For more detailed instructions including images, please refer to Pcard Statement Review.


  1. If you have multiple Pcards please send separate emails and include the last 4 digits of the card number in the email subject line.  (June 2022-Lane-1234)
  2. The email does not need to contain a message.
  3. Photographs of paper receipts are acceptable, as long as the images are legible.  JPG or PDF format preferred.  
  4. e-Envelope receipts can be saved PDF’s of email confirmations, JPG photos, saved PDF’s pages from vendor websites, or saved PDF’s Merchant Details from Wells Fargo, refer to Easy Access to PDF Receipts for instructions.  Wells Fargo Merchant Details should only be used as a receipt if you cannot obtain the original receipt).
  5. Meal receipts should include the itemized receipt, not the total + tip and signature copy.
  6. If grant funds are used,  copy / cc: Grants Accounting on the email.