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Department Contact Name
Academic Programs and Advising Brenda Piatz
Accounting Dave Berglund
Accounting Deanna Hiew
Accounting Tracy Arndt
Administration and Finance Kenneth Tivey
Admissions Jody DuBay
Advancement Amanda Walwood
Advancement Marin Amundson-Graham
Alumni Office Stephanie Gandy
American Studies Carol Mejia
Annual Fund Amelia Nielsen
Anthropology Margo Dickinson
Art and Art History Kristi Fackel
Asian Languages and Cultures Katie Scott
Athletics and Physical Education Deanna Brabant
Biology Patty Pfalz
Business Services Aimee Baxter
Campus Life Melanie LaBrasseur
Career Development Center (CDC) Lisa Ray
Center for Religious and Spiritual Life Pattie Lydon
Chemistry Lisa McCarthy
Chemistry Heather McCollor
Chemistry Robert Rossi
Civic Engagement Center Christy Heal
Classics Herta Pitman
Communications and Public Relations Cheryl Doucette
Economics Jane Kollasch
Employment Services Annie McBurney
English Jan Beebe
Environmental Studies Ann Esson
Facilities Services Karin Zeller
Financial Aid Donna King
Geography Laura Kigin
German and Russian Studies Martha Davis
Health and Wellness Center Karen Forman
High Winds Susan Lichliter
Hispanic Studies Ann Warren
Information Technology Services Barb Brunell
Information Technology Services Kelly Borke
Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC) Meg Thorson
Institutional Research Nancy Bostrom
International Center Indra Halvorsone
International Student Programs Kara Warren
International Studies Janessa Cervantes
Internship Program Kerri Roesner
Investment Office Molly Papetti
Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching (CST) Theresa Klauer
Library Jacki Betsworth
Linguistics John Haiman
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Suzanne Burr
MAX (Macalester Academic Excellence) Center Julie Lucking
Media and Cultural Studies Jeremy Meckler
Media Services Denise Tyburski
Multicultural Life Afifa Benwahoud
Music Rachel Hest
Office of Student Affairs Lisa Treviranus
Philosophy/ Religious Studies Toni Schrantz
Physics & Astronomy Ken Moffett
Physics & Astronomy/Geology Kristine Spangard
Political Science Roxy Fisher
President’s Office Tara Darst
Provost Winnie Farley
Psychology Jamie Atkins
Psychology Lee Olson
Purchasing/Procurement Matt Rumpza
Registrar Eileen Valencia
Sociology Angela Haeg
Special Events Andi Wulff
Student Accounts Elmira Marshall
Sustainability Office Suzanne Hansen
Theatre and Dance Jeanne Arntzen
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Jeanette Hughes