1. Using the official Macalester Check Request Form, provide full name, address of individual getting reimbursed
  2. If you know the Macalester ID# of the individual enter—leave blank if you do not have it. If the individual being reimbursed is not a Macalester Faculty/Staff/Student a W9 is required. If you are unsure that we have paid this vendor previously feel free to call Accounts Payable (651-696-6565) to double check.
  3. Enter date Check Request is being submitted to Accounts Payable
  4. Enter Dollar amount Check Request is for.
  5. Enter the reason for the reimbursement—attach original receipts.
  6. Enter the FOAPAL (where the funds to pay this request should come from).
  7. Have individual authorized for the FOAPAL provide their signature. Please keep in mind the amount those authorizing can sign for. Please note any request of $10,000 or more requires signature of the VP of Admin & Finance.
  8. Department Coordinators cannot approve a reimbursement for their Department Chair. You cannot approve your own Check Request.
  9. Send the completed form and receipts to 63 Macalester, Accounts Payable Office.

    Sample Check Request - Completed with Sample Information
    Sample Check Request – Completed with Sample Information