A Talk Featuring Prof. Carmen Valdivia: Mercurial Coloniality, Extractivism, and the Settler-Colonial Sublime

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021

4:45 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Art Building 102

Join Professor Carmen Valdivia on her examination of Claudia Sparrow’s documentary Máxima (2020) and learn more about the Mercurial Coloniality, Extractivism and the Settler-Colonial Sublime.

The search for gold has fueled the colonial enterprise like no other riches. In 1533, Atahualpa’s gold ransom in Cajamarca, Peru, added up to 30k pounds. Through an examination of Claudia Sparrow’s documentary Máxima (2020), this presentation traces the continuity of material and discursive extractivism affecting human and other-than-human bodies in the aftermath of the political armed conflict. 

You can also join the meeting via Zoom invitation

This event is part of the "Colloquium Series," sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

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Website: https://www.macalester.edu/spanish/

This event is for: Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Students

Sponsored by: Spanish & Portuguese

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