The Campus Center hosts a wide variety of programs in the evenings. With a wide variety of types of programming and occurrence, these late-night events aim to foster community, learning, and engagement, while making students feel at home in our facility.  


Mac@Nite is a late-night program occurring on weekends during evening hours. This late-night program provides students the opportunity for creative expression, to engage with the community and expand their learning. Macalester students, student organizations and campus departments apply to host a Mac@Nite in partnership with the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. Learn how to apply for Mac@Nite.

Midnight Breakfast

At the end of the Fall semester, the Campus Center teams up with Cafe Mac to bring students Late Night Breakfast. It is a welcomed study break for students just before finals for them to fill their bellies with a late-night meal served by faculty and staff. All students are welcome – this is a free meal regardless of whether they’re on a meal plan. All students must have their Mac ID to enter.


Kagins or Kagin Dances, are monthly dances hosted in Kagin Hill Ballroom by student groups and feature student DJs. Perennial favorites are the Beyonce Kagin, Drag Kagin, and Last Chance Kagin—as the name implies, a last hurrah for seniors during Senior Week. Registered Student Orgs can learn more about applying to host a Kagin Dance.

NOTE: Kagin Dances are canceled for the Fall 2021 Semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These events are often in high attendance and full of energy. We cannot safely host hundreds of students in an enclosed space and expect that guidelines such as mask-wearing and social distancing will be fully adhered to by all participants, nor is it possible to remind folks of such guidelines in a lowly-lit space with loud music playing in the background. If the amount of cases in the area improves, this will be re-evaluated and will continue to be re-evaluated upon our return in the 2022 Spring Semester.

The Loch, LIVE

The Loch, LIVE is a monthly program designed to build community around knowledge. Students are invited into The Loch, our student lounge and performance space to have some friendly competition in “brain games” – namely Pub Trivia and Jeopardy being the most popular. Prizes are awarded to the top-winning team and a secret team of the night. These events are held on Thursday or Friday evenings, starting at 8pm. Students are encouraged to register their team in advance but can show up at the door to play. No team? No problem – just reach out to one of our friendly student hosts when you arrive and they’ll hook you up with a team.