Publicizing Events in the Campus Center

There are a number of publicity options in the Campus Center that can be reserved through Reservations. In an effort to maximize the available publicity space, the following policies apply for all reservable spaces:

  • Organizations can reserve one of each type of publicity space, but never two of a given type – E.g., 1 Banner & 1 Sandwich Board.
  • Each type of Publicity item has specific time restrictions regarding the length of its reservation. Groups cannot reserve publicity space for consecutive weeks.
  • All publicity must be appropriate and suitable for an all-ages audience. Publicity may be removed by staff due to offensive or inappropriate content.
  • After 48 hours of not using your reserved publicity space, we will release your reservation for another group to utilize it.
  • For some publicity reservations, it is helpful to have your PDF confirmation when turning in the publicity item.
  • If a reservation is not attached to your department or organization, certain types of publicity may be removed.

Publicity Spaces & Policies