The Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center opened in February 2001 and was dedicated May 19, 2001. The 70,000 square foot building was planned through a college wide process involving students, faculty and staff. It was built at a cost of $18.4 million, much of which was contributed through Touch the Future, the Campaign for Macalester College.

Architect: Shepley Bullfinch Richardson and Abbot, Boston Massachusetts
Principal: Geoffrey Freeman
Project Architect: Dana Anderson
Contractor: Kraus-Anderson Construction Company, St. Paul Division
Project Manager: Ken Braum
Superintendent: Harold Zarn

Donor Information

Alumni Lookout Lounge

1997-98 Alumni Association Directors and Former Directors

Atrium Commons Area

Jean Vander Ploeg & Mark Vander Ploeg ‘74

Bateman Plaza

In honor of Warren Bateman ‘44

Bateman Plaza Granite Benches

Given by:  Mark Vander Ploeg ‘74

In honor of the Board of Trustees


In honor of Raymond A. Stassen ‘52


In memory of Professor Patricia Weisner


Communitas (Macalester faculty & staff)


Charlotte Yost Bonniwell ‘62 & George Bonniwell ‘61


In memory of Professor Borghild Sundheim


In honor of Professor A. Wayne Roberts


Alumni Association Award Recipients for 2007


John A. Chamberlain ’69 & Kathy Ukena Chamberlain ’69

CC 230

In memory of Edna Seale Ryder & John Seale

CC 232 (Program Board Office)

In memory of Dorothy & Gary Niederfield

CC 235 (Student Government Office)

In memory of Anne Marie Bolger

Dining Porches

In honor of Benjamin F. Lindsay, Jr.
In memory of Cathryn Steffes Parizino ‘56
Jaqueline Hjermstad Smith ’57 & Dean E. Smith ‘55
Jean Ledue Lindell ’55 & John G. Lindell

Eichhorn Student Activities Center

In honor of Professor A. Wayne Roberts
Alumni Association Awards Recipients

John B. Davis Lecture Hall

In honor of former Macalester President John B. Davis

Mary Gwen Owen Performing Arts Stage

In memory of Mary Gwen Owen ‘23

The Student Lounge

Joel G. Clemmer III & Jean W Haley
Mark A. Davis
Dietz Family Fund of the St Paul Foundation
Kim & Rod Dockter
Peter H. Fenn ’70 & Alison Seale Fenn ‘72
Susan E. Fox
Kenneth J. Goldman ’81 & Judith Bernstein
Laurie B. Hamre
Christopher W. Harens ’77
Judy Hawkinson & Patrick Plonski
Alexander G. Hill ‘57
Heather Riddle Kimm
Eric & Katherine Kravetz
Erlene Lagerquist
Jeffery B. Larson ’79 & Janet Larson
Micahel S. and Margaret E. McPherson
Allen L. Parchen ’67 & Georga K. Larson Parchen ‘67
Patricia M. Richardson
Lorne Robertson & Mimi Tung
Douglas D. Rosenberg
Beth A. Severy-Horen
Barbara L. Solberg
Clayton M. Steinman
G. Wacek ’78 & Peggy Heppelmann
Denise A. Ward
Sarah E. West ’91