Because of COVID-19, in an effort to reduce high-touch surfaces, some publicity forms will not be offered for the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year. Publicity forms that will be offered are Sandwich Boards, Cafe Mac & Circle Railing Banners, and Digital Signage. We highly recommend submitting your event to the College Events Calendar. We are working on providing a form of publicity that allows our students, staff, and faculty who are participating remotely to stay up-to-date with campus events. 

Publicizing Your Event

There are a number of Publicity Spaces that can be reserved through Reservations. In an effort to maximize the available publicity space, the following policies apply for all reservable spaces:

  • Organizations can reserve one of each type of publicity space, but never two of a given type – E.g., 1 Banner & 1 Sandwich Board.
  • Each type of Publicity item has specific time restrictions regarding the length of its reservation. Groups cannot reserve publicity space for consecutive weeks.
  • All publicity must be appropriate and suitable for an all-ages audience. Publicity may be removed by staff due to offensive or inappropriate content.
  • After 48 hours of not using your reserved publicity space, we will release your reservation for another group to utilize it.
  • For some publicity reservations it is helpful to have your PDF confirmation when turning in the publicity item.

Publicity Spaces & Policies offered during 2020-2021 Academic Year


Publicity Spaces & Policies (NOT Currently Offered)