Campus Center Halloween Party 2016

The Campus Activities & Operations department hosts a wide variety of programs during the academic year. While they range both in types of programs and when they occur; the department also hosts some signature programs that happen on a consistent basis.

Halfway to May

An annual event co-sponsored by Alumni Relations to celebrate seniors being halfway to graduation. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the senior class and reflect not only on your time here at Macalester, but think about what’s to come. Alumni are brought in to talk with seniors about their life path post Mac. There is a Q&A following the main event.

Halfway to May 2017: TBD


Late night programming in an effort to provide opportunities for students to engage in programs on the weekends during later evening hours. These late night programs are open to co-sponsorship from different departments on campus as well as student organizations.

Late Night Breakfast

At the end of each Fall semester, CAO teams up with Cafe Mac to bring students Late Night Breakfast. It is a welcomed study break for students just before finals for them to fill their bellies with a late-night meal served by faculty and staff. All students are welcome – this is a free meal regardless of whether they’re on a meal plan. All students must have their Mac ID to enter.

Midnight Breakfast 2017: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ 10 pm to midnight


TEDxMacalesterCollege will take place on Saturday, November 4, 2017. At its core, the goal of TEDx at Mac is to foster community, share in the creation of knowledge, and connect ideas to people. We aim to create a platform for thinkers, visionaries, change-makers, teachers, and simply people who have something to share. We look forward to sharing “ideas worth spreading” with the Macalester community.

TEDxMacalesterCollege 2017: November 4, 2017