Mac@Nite programming is an effort to provide opportunities for students to engage in programs on weekends during later evening hours. Campus Activities & Operations is the primary sponsor for these events, but can also be sponsored by other campus departments or student organizations. We encourage students, organizations, and departments to apply to host their own Mac@Nite. Find out more information below.

Mac@Nite “Late Night” Allocation

Selection Process: Applications* for Mac@Nite fund allocations will be reviewed by the Campus Activities Coordinator, CAO Graduate Assistant, and students on the CAO programming committee. Funding will be based on the quality, purpose, and thoughtfulness of the application.Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please complete to the best of your abilities, if you need assistance with the process please contact Events must be hosted Friday or Saturday Nights between 8PM-12AM.

Dates JBD and The LOCH are currently reserved and available for Mac@Nite:

Fall 2018 Spring 2019
February 2
October 20 March 2
November 10 April 20
December 1 May 3

You can submit additional or alternative dates and spaces, with a confirmation from Reservations


  • Three meetings with the CAO Graduate Assistant, Keetha Vue,
  • On Campus or Community Based
    • Ex. (Cultural Festivals, Themed Poetry Nights, Open Mics, Bowling)
  • Must show intentional effort to engage entire campus
  • Must be open and free to all current students
  • Must meet two outcomes of Mac@Nites
    • Present ideas that are new, challenging, or inclusive
    • Collaborate with others to build relationships and community across difference
    • Represent a need of the Macalester, Twin Cities, or Global Community
    • Create space for unheard voices and ideas to be expressed and reflected upon
  • All promotional material must contain the CAO logo and/or Mac@Nite in some way
  • Evaluation Meeting, within two weeks following the event


  • Applicants are eligible to receive up to $750/event
    • No more than $250, or ⅓, of requested budget, should be food costs
    • Exemptions may be granted
  • If seeking services, free and alternative options will be preferred
  • Prohibited Expenses
    • Merchandise for resale
    • Student Compensation
    • Off-Campus Venues
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Illegal Substances, or anything that violates Macalester College’s Code of Conduct
  • Funds
    • All funds will be allocated to parties awarded after the presentation of receipts for services.
    • If you do not spend all of the $750, the remaining balance return to the fund, making programs possible for other campus partners.
    • Accommodations will be made for applicants unable to make event purchases on their own

The Selection Process

  1. Applications will be reviewed each semester based on the criteria provided in the rubric below by the CAO GA, Student Activities Coordinator, and 3 CAO
  2. Committee members will be allowed to ask follow up questions via the CAO Graduate Assistant
  3. Scores will be averaged and the top ten will be selected. The applications will be entered into a lottery
  4. Partners will be contacted and offered dates based first on position of draw and dates available

Mac@Nite Application Rubric (PDF)

Apply here!

Sponsoring a Mac@Nite

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