MCSG Constitutional Guidelines: Becoming a chartered student organization

1. New student organizations must demonstrate a unique purpose or reason for existence. They should be able to distinguish themselves from all other organizations.

2. Student organizations must have a significant amount of interested and committed people. Significant is understood to be at least 10 students who consistently attend organizational meetings.

3. Student organizations must be non-exclusive. Any student who wishes to join the organization should be allowed to do so.

4. Student organizations will be subject to review at the end of the academic year by the Student Organization Committee (SOC) of MCSG. This review process will have implications for the budgeting process. The SOC will rate organizations and this rating will influence FAC determination of funds distribution:

a. The review will be based on meeting some or all of the following criteria:

i. Programming
ii. Level of activity on campus
iii. The extent to which the organization fulfills its purpose

5. Student organizations will appoint leadership through fair elections

a. New leadership will be required to identify itself to Campus Activites and Operations and MCSG for the purpose of maintaining an accurate list of active organizations and organizational contact persons.

b. Groups without leaders will be required to identify at least one contact person to MCSG and Campus Activites and Operations . Contacts will be subject to the same notification procedures as leaders in other student organizations.

Non-discrimination statement from MCSG about student organizations

Macalester College guarantees the freedom to organize and join organizations.

a. The Macalester College Student Government officially charters student organizations on behalf of the College, making criteria for the granting of charters consistent with the general policies of the College.

b. Although organizations may set restrictive membership criteria, these should have a basis in the functioning of the organization and should not be discriminatory, as specified in the College’s non-discrimination policy.

c. No organization shall be required to submit a membership list to the College.

Chartering Process

1. Student organizations need to create a charter (see the outline of a sample charter) and submit it to the SOC of MCSG. SeeCampus Activites andOperations staff or the SOC chair for assistance on creating your charter.

2. A member of the SOC will review the charter with members of the proposed student organization.

3. The charter of the proposed student organization will be reviewed by the SOC, with a recommendation going to a Legislative Body (LB) meeting.

After waiting the required one week, the LB votes on whether they will ratify the new student organization charter.

Outline of a sample charter