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236 | Second Floor | Campus Center


10:00AM–12:00PM & 1:00PM–3:00PM

Saturday –Sunday: 


Report a Lost Card

Report a Lost Card  on GET Funds to prevent unauthorized use. 

News & Updates 

Card Issue Report Form - Now including Card Access Issues in one form!

Having an issue with your card? No need to stop by, just fill out the Card Issue Report Form and we will contact you to get you swiping and tapping again. This form now includes Card Access Issues, and will be sent to Facilities as appropriate. 

Card Reading Device Request Form

Need to track attendance? Want to put your event tickets on the Macalester ID Card? Looking to sell something for a fundraiser? All of these are now possible when you check out a card reading device from Card Services. Simply fill out the Card Reading Device Request Form, and we'll take care of the rest. Check out the Card Reading Device page for more information.

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