What is Mac Money?

Money that you put on your Mac Pass to use at campus venues is called Mac Money (formerly known as “Aux Points”). Mac Money rolls over from year to year. Once Mac Money is added to your ID, it cannot be removed until you use it or until you permanently leave the college. Mac Money cannot be redeemed for cash. You will be reimbursed for any remaining Mac Money on your ID after you graduate.

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How can I spend Mac Money?

You can redeem Mac Money that you load onto Mac Pass account at a variety of places. There are both on-campus locations and off-campus locations to spend Mac Money.

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How can I add Mac Money to my account?

Get Funds

The GET Funds website allows you to monitor your account and add Mac Money online by using a credit card.

There is a $1.00 convenience fee for adding any amount of Mac Money through GET Funds.

For more information on using GET Funds and GET Mobile, visit the GET Funds page.


ValuPort is a vending machine that allows you to add Mac Money using cash without a charge.
The ValuPort Machine is located on the Lower Level of the Campus Center.

Family or Friends


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What happens to my Mac Money when I leave Macalester?

Mac Money deposited to your Mac Pass will remain on your card until your permanent departure from the College (graduation, withdrawal, etc.) and may not be transferred to your student account or withdrawn as cash. Your Mac Money balance will be credited to you post-Commencement. For further details about Mac Money refunds, see the Mac Money Terms And Conditions.

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What are the Mac Money Terms & Conditions?

Account Details

  • Mac Money is an optional prepaid account associated with your Mac Pass.
  • The initial deposit into the Mac Money account activates it and signifies agreement to the Terms and Conditions contained within this document.
  • Mac Money funds can be used at many on- and off-campus locations.
  • Balances are carried for the duration of a cardholder’s time at Macalester.
  • Negative balances are not allowed or possible on a Mac Money account.


  • Funds can be deposited by the cardholder or a 3rd party (family member, friend, etc.) using cash at the ValuPort vending machine, with no associated fee, or by using a credit card on GET Funds with a $1.00 per-transaction convenience fee.
  • Deposited funds may not be withdrawn as cash at any time.


  • Refunds are handled automatically following official separation from the College. No action is required by the cardholder.
    • Refunds for students who have graduated or formally separated from the college, and have a remaining Mac Money balance of $5.00 or more, are issued through Student Accounts with a credit to the student account within one month of leaving. Student account refunds will follow the established credit balance refund policy.
    • Refunds for employees who have retired or formally separated from the college, and have a remaining Mac Money balance of $5.00 or more, are issued through a check mailed to the address on record within 2 months of leaving.
  • No refunds will be issued for students or employees with a balance of less than $5.


  • There is no fee for activating and maintaining a Mac Money account.
  • A $1.00 per-transaction convenience fee is assessed for all GET Funds deposits.
  • A $20.00 fee may be assessed for replacing lost or damaged Mac Pass cards.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Mac Money account holders are responsible for all unauthorized charges and should take precautions to secure their Mac Pass card. Missing cards can be reported at any time by using GET Funds, or calling Card Services at 651-696-6579 during normal business hours.

GET Funds Terms & Conditions

Use of GET Funds for deposits is subject to the GET Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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