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Kate Larson

Internship Director

Kagin Commons, 103


Hi! I’m Kate, and I use she/her pronouns. Helping students find ways to translate their interests and skills into the world of work is my jam.  

My personal college experience was possible through student loans, scholarships, Pell grants, and my family’s generous contributions. I worked in the summers as a swim coach, camp counselor and MN State Fair security guard while competing as a student-athlete. I got rejected for several internships. I only did an internship the spring of my senior year, and only then, because it was paid.  

I share this all to say, I believe all work is meaningful, and has value, obviously. The world of work is expansive and diverse, and there are many valuable experiences along the nonlinear path of college. I am here to help students integrate Macalester liberal arts education with their diverse out-of-classroom interests, skills, and strengths with work-integrated learning like internships.  I’m eager to learn and expand opportunities and access to make work-integrated learning work for a range of student needs and interests. 

I’m also a licensed counseling & career services professional (LPCC) in Minnesota. My counseling interests focus on the integration of social justice into counseling, and specifically improving accessibility into workspaces. I’m especially interested in how to help infuse resiliency and confidence into meaningful work experiences, career exploration and skill development. 

Also, please know I welcome any and all conversations around your visible, and less visible identities as they relate to how you feel about accessing, entering and engaging in different workplaces. We in Career Exploration can assist you in connecting to both on-, and off-campus supports in navigating how, when and if disclosures make sense for you, and your personal circumstances.

I am also a Gallup-certified Strengths coach, a practitioner of Designing Your Life practices, and student of Design Justice.  I’m also a member of Minnesota Colleges & Universities Career Services Association, National Association for Colleges & Employers (NACE), and the National Career Development Association (NCDA).  Apart from this formal stuff, in no particular order, I enjoy the following: making messy art with my 7 year old, trail running, questionable punctuation, watching soccer, and hanging with my loved ones. Right now, I am trying to learn very very very beginner’s Croatian, hope-centered career constructs, the world of Pokémon, and how to draw all kinds of mammals.