Assistant Director

Kagin Commons, 103

Hi! I’m Kate, and I use she/her/hers pronouns. All class years and alumni are welcome to make an appointment with me. I specifically assist and collaborate with academic areas in Humanities, Fine Arts and Languages.
I often work with people as they navigate how skills/interests/values/goals translate into academic courses of study (majors/minors/concentrations). Whether for an internship, part-time job, fellowship, full-time job, or professional/grad school,  I help students develop concrete skills to utilize in any search for the next thing. I welcome the range of the tactical “Help me apply to ___” conversations, to the broad topics of “ugh-how do I do this job search stuff ”— especially around managing stress, challenges and maintaining resiliency. I’m also a licensed counseling & career services professional (LPCC) in Minnesota.

My counseling interests focus on the integration of social justice into counseling, and specifically improving access and opportunities. I’m especially interested in how to help infuse resiliency and confidence into career exploration and skill development.
Also, I am super open to conversations around your visible and less visible identities as they relate to a job search and potential workplaces. I can assist you in navigating how/when and if disclosures make sense for you, and the situation.

I’m a member of Minnesota Colleges & Universities Career Services Association, National Association for Colleges & Employers (NACE), and the National Career Development Association (NCDA). I also serve on the NCDA International Student Services workgroup.

Odd job:
Security guard at Minnesota State Fair for ZZ Top (look them up young people)!. I also sold CD’s for Andrew Bird, and ran press passes for the Roots once.

Embarrassing on-the-job moment:
I have too many to choose from. Here’s one vivid memory: I tipped a rickety cart loaded with 30 cases of soda across a busy street on my way to an event. Amazingly, people got out of their cars and helped me pick them up.

Read our essential guides. Seriously. They answer many questions you have! An efficient and effective job search requires you to prioritize how you spend your time. Come in, and let’s talk about how to avoid the job search conundrum of “late at night, staring at a Google prompt, feeling all the feelings” that many of us encounter. Job searching involves the art and science of being an authentic advocate and promoter …of yourself. Networking, job search application materials, interviewing…all of these require us to tell compelling stories that evidence our skills and our passions. Liberal arts students and alums are uniquely equipped to approach this as an opportunity! This is not easy or simple, and these are skills you can refine and improve. We are here to help on your skill development process and journey.

Apart from this formal stuff, in no particular order, I enjoy the following: making messy art with my 4-year old, trail running, questionable punctuation, watching soccer, and hanging with my loved ones. Right now, I am trying to learn about design theory, very very very beginner’s Chinese, edible foraging, hope-centered career constructs, and how to draw all kinds of mammals.