Assistant Director

Kagin Commons, 105

I meet with all majors and specialize in social sciences.

I grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range, just miles from the BWCA, and now live in St. Paul with my family and assorted pets. After previous gigs in teaching, sales, and marketing, I found my way to a career in higher education. As the product of a  liberal arts education myself, I remain committed to the life-changing experience this is for students and their families. My focus as a career counselor is impacted by being a licensed psychologist, and more recently, by watching my own children navigate their college and career development journeys.

Recent favorite book:
Stones from the River by Ursala Hegi

Best advice for students:
Plan ahead, but don’t forget to take time to enjoy friends and simple pleasures. Explore the Twin Cities and leave the Mac Bubble.