Assistant Director, Employer Relations

Kagin Commons, 109 South

Michele is passionate about helping Macalester students discover organizations and companies where they can continue to develop the talents, skills, and passions they built at Macalester. She also loves helping students connect to alumni to learn more about opportunities and develop their post-Mac support network. Prior to Mac, Michele worked in career services at the University of Minnesota, and in her first life, Michele was a college English teacher, and taught American Literature at almost every college in the Twin Cities–though never at Macalester. Michele has a Masters degree in American Studies and a Ph.D. in English.

Odd job:
Loading trucks for UPS on the graveyard shift

Best advice:
Less thinking, more doing! Get out there and talk to people, take internships, take a job you’re not sure you’ll like. Don’t wait for the “perfect thing.” And read Parker Palmer’s “Let Your Life Speak”