Meet the 2022-23 Community Engagement Organizers!

Sam Lee ’25
Organizing Theme: Environment & Sustainability

Eagan, Minnesota – Undecided
Fun Fact: I have three chickens!


Zahra Jumani ’23
Organizing Theme: Health & Wellness 
Naperville, IL – Economics
Ideal meal: I am a big fan of Italian food, so I’d say anything with pasta!
Happy place: One of my happy places is my home back in Pakistan. Though I don’t get to visit often, the memories I make are unforgettable!
[email protected]

Emma Malcolm ’23
Organizing Theme: Immigrants & Refugees
Brooklyn, NY – Media and Cultural Studies
Ideal meal: A BLT and an iced coffee
Fun fact: Self proclaimed Pitbull superfan


Portrait of Sophia SalinasSophia Salinas ’24
Organizing Theme: Spanish Language Opportunities
Chicago, IL – Educational Studies & TBD
Ideal meal: My mom’s homemade baked mac and cheese with a side of hot wings!
Happy place: Chicago’s lakefront or my grandma’s backyard!
[email protected]

Na Nguyen ’25
Organizing Theme: Youth & Tutoring
Hanoi, Vietnam – International Studies with Educational Studies Minor
Fun Fact: I was born in Moscow, Russia and was *this* close to getting a duo citizenship.


Dallas Watson ’26
Organizing Theme: College Access
Belleville, Illinois  – Undecided
Fun Fact: J. Cole is my favorite artist!
[email protected]


Lola Brown ’23
Organizing Theme: Policy & Justice Work
Hopkins, MN – Political Science
Ideal meal: Always spaghetti!
Fun fact: I was a high school state champion in synchronized swimming!

Natalie Parsons
LOC Coordinator
[email protected]


Ma’Kahsa Lane ’24
Bonner Program Assistant
KCMO – Neuroscience major 
Fun fact: I love to binge watch anime
Happy place: wherever the sky is pretty
[email protected] 

Yinka Saba ’24
Office Assistant
Elk Grove Village, IL – Undecided
Ideal meal: Anything seafood!
Happy place: Mississippi River Rock Cliffs!

Kayla EdmundsonKayla Edmundson ’23
Office Assistant

St. Paul, MN – Neuroscience major
Fun Fact: I like to read and cook in my spare time
Happy Place: the beach + tacos