Meet the 2019/20 Civic Engagement Center student workers!  Find out what their inspirations are.

    • Norah Ntagungira ’22
      Issue Based Organizer: Arts for Social Change
      “Nice books, like The Stranger by Albert Camus inspire me.

  • Salamong Xiong ’20  
    Issue Based Organizer: College Access

    Saint Paul, MN – Physics & Philosophy
    “I’m most excited about working with fellow civic engagement coordinators/issue based organizers. I think it’s gonna be a blast!”
  • Vicky Vargas-Castro ’21
    Issue Based Organizer: College Access
    Waukegan, IL – Psychology & Educational Studies
    “I’m most excited to get to know everyone in the office. I’ve seen a few people here and there but have never had the pleasure of having a conversation with them. I’m hoping that will change this year!”
  • Makayla Barker ’20
    Issue Based Organizer: Economic Justice

    Eau Claire, WI – Political Science & International Studies
    “I worked in an office over the summer with a number of lawyers who represent refugees and asylum seekers in court. I was constantly inspired by their dedication to human rights and acts of service, and their commitment to living out their values.
  • Nita Senesathith ’21
    Issue Based Organizer: Youth & Tutoring 
    (Spring 2020)
    Vientiane, Laos – Psychology
    “Helping other people.”
  • Anna Kleven ’21
    Issue Based Organizer: Environment & Sustainability
    (Spring 2020)
    Minneapolis, MN – Environmental Studies
    “I am excited to see the full scope of Mac students’ civic engagement and to have my finger on the pulse of environmental NGOs in the area. I’m also can’t wait to resume teaching at CLUES!”
  • Hiywot Tulu ’20
    Issue Based Organizer: 
    Health & Wellness 
    Nashville, TN – Neuroscience
    “The sacrifices of my family to get me to where I am.”
  • Amelia Gerrard ’20
    Issue Based Organizer: Immigrants & Refugees
    Stillwater, MN – English, Literature
    “Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday and seeing babies laugh.” 
  • Valeria Bustamante Callejas ’20
    Issue Based Organizer: Spanish Language Opportunities
    Quito, Ecuador – Psychology & Educational Studies
    “People who do small and unexpected acts of kindness.”

  • Sarah Chinski ’20
    LOC Coordinator
    Cedar Rapids, IA –  Astrophysics & Geology
    “My physics professors, especially my advisor. The amount of dedication they have to their profession and to students makes me want to give back to the community.”
  • Ariel Hasak-Lowy ’21
    Issue Based Organizer: Youth & Tutoring
    (Fall 2019)
    Evanston, IL –  Art History
    “Youth! I love talking and hearing what young people have to say!”
  • Margaret Breen ’20
    Issue Based Organizer: Policy & Justice Work
    Minneapolis, MN – Sociology
    Grassroots organizing and building people power.” 

  • Jennifer Arnold ’19
    Bonner Program Assistant
    Waukegan, IL – Computer Science & History Major, Geography minor
    “Bonner10, Bonner dinners, Bonner photoshoots, Bonner discussions, Bonner support, Bonner fam, Bonner.”
  • Varee Saetang ’21
    Bonner Program Assistant
    Atlanta, GA – International Studies
    “Becoming more involved and engaged with communities within the Twin Cities and strengthening the relationship between Macalester and community partners.”
  • Shireen Zaineb ’20
    Office Assistant 
    Mequon, WI –  International Studies
    “My parents and the way they’ve lived their lives.”
  • Shouayee Vue ’22
    Office Assistant
    Saint Paul, MN
    “Seeing other people’s accomplishments.”