Museum of Russian Art Macalester Visit
Students in Maria Fedorova's Revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union and Valeriia Witzig's Advanced Russian courses went to the Museum of Russian Art. The Civic Engagement Center helped plan the trip with support from the Project Pericles grant.
The Civic Engagement Center strives to provide necessary resources and support for faculty who would like to incorporate academic civic engagement into their curriculum. We have included a number of resources on our web pages that relate to academic civic engagement, including but not limited to various academic journals related to civic engagement, reports on tenure and promotion, and rubrics for student evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in adding a civic engagement component to my course. What are the steps I should take?

Contact the Civic Engagement Center with potential ideas for incorporating community-based learning into the curriculum. We can assist faculty members with establishing partnerships with local community organizations.

Who should I contact in CEC to discuss more about academic civic engagement?

Please contact , Associate Director of the Civic Engagement Center for additional information.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Culture & Development for Civic Engagement

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Integrating Civic Engagement into Courses and Majors

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The National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement. A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future. Association of American Colleges and Universities. View PDF

Place-Based Education

Siemers, Cheryl K.; Harrison, Barbara; Clayton, Patti H.; Stanley, Talmage A. (2015) Engaging Place as Partner. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning. 22(1). View PDF