The Mellon "Creating Lifelong Learners" grant provides funds for civic engagement and urban immersive learning activities within academic courses at Macalester.  Professors are invited to apply for funds for activities within new or revised courses. 

E-mail Paul Schadewald with any questions,  

The funds can be used to support community-based research projects, community-based learning activities, internships that are embedded within courses, policy work, public scholarship, public art or community-based performances that are components of a course. Such activities can be required for an entire class or for a limited number of students.  The specific requests can be submitted before or during a semester as activities and projects develop. Funds are available for courses in all disciplines.

The Mellon "Creating Lifelong Learners" grant provides support for civic engagement activities in courses. Civic Engagement (CE) requires creating mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships between community members and Macalester. CE can also be projects that engage Macalester's place in the larger public.

Applications must explain how both the community and students will benefit.  Due to limited funds and the fund's focus, the grant cannot fund general field trips or guest speakers if students are not engaged in reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships with the community within the course.

The Mellon "Creating Lifelong Learners" grant also has limited funds available for immersive learning experiences that are integrated into courses.  These are experiences that make use of Macalester’s urban or regional location to connect courses themes to local context.  It can be used for field trips, public dialogues, or community meetings.  The fund is not normally used for tickets to performances or museums, unless they are part of a larger contextual experience.