This moment calls for everyone’s active engagement in social justice and antiracism work in the local Twin Cities community — with an urgent focus right here on campus — and beyond. We all — especially those of us who identify as white — must work to dismantle racism and white supremacy as we also work to reimagine, support, and strengthen just and equitable communities near and far.

Unlearning White Supremacy is a space for all those who hold white privilege and institutional power to reflect on our internalized white supremacy (although all are welcome to the space). Whether you are a student, staff, or faculty, and wherever you are in processing your relationship to whiteness, we emphatically call you to join us! Please email to join the listserv. This group hosts occasional large meetings as well as regular reading groups throughout the academic year. Also make time to talk with other folks you know, be it friends, family, coaches, or colleagues about white supremacy, systemic racism, and how you can address your role in it.

Campus Compact’s Social Change Wheel centers anti-racism and equity in a variety of ways to work for social change. This tool illustrates that it takes many approaches over time to make real progress toward positive social change. The drop downs below describe the approaches, and offer a few first steps you can take in the Twin Cities.