The Civic Engagement Center offers students many entry points to community involvement. Students can participate in leadership programs that develop citizenship skills through trainings, reflection, and meaningful work.

Students can also pursue individual or group service experiences consistent with their interests and passions.

Related Programs

Bonner Scholars
The Bonner Scholars Program seeks to transform the lives of students by providing “access to education and opportunities to serve.” More than 40 Bonners engage in sustained partnerships in the the local community. The work of the Bonner Foundation strengthens student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure while promoting civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, spiritual exploration, and social justice. The Bonner Community Scholars Program partners with the Department of Multicultural Life, Career Development Center, Admissions and Financial Aid to support students.
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Lives of Commitment
Lives of Commitment is for students wanting to get involved in the Twin Cities and build a strong community with other first years who are passionate about making a social impact. Students volunteer weekly in small groups teaching English to immigrants and refugees or tutoring a child. Participants gather regularly for meaningful dialogue about their community work and to explore their larger life commitments through group dinners and smaller reflection circles. Email Paul Schadewald

Off-Campus Student Employment
More than 80 students each year earn their financial aid awards at local nonprofits and meet monthly for discussion and training on social change. Students serve as liaisons between their organization and the college and attempt to link the assets and resources of both institutions.
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Civic Engagement Organizers
This program is made up of the student leaders in the CEC office who educate the campus about social issues, nurture relationships with local nonprofit partners, and recruit volunteers. Students attend a retreat at the beginning of the year and participate as a group in regular civic education and leadership development opportunities throughout the year.
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Opportunities Abound
Macalester students have several opportunities to connect with a variety of youth groups who visit Macalester. Opportunities Abound leaders can indicate a preference for working with elementary, middle, or high school youth. During the year long commitment leaders are supported through monthly training sessions (held the first Tuesday of each month from 4:30-6 p.m.) that include topics such as developing multicultural competencies in working with youth, the role of a mentor and boundary issues, college test preparation and the college application process. Email Ruth Janisch  

In addition, The Civic Engagement Center advises students, faculty, and staff about volunteer opportunities available with community partners. The CEC works closely with individuals to help match their schedules, interests, and volunteer goals with a partner organization.