Program coordinators are responsible for promoting and coordinating one specific volunteer program at a community agency. They act as liaisons between the agency’s volunteer coordinator, students, and the college on behalf of the Civic Engagement Center.


  • One academic year preferred, semester on special arrangement only
    3-6 per wk, including your volunteer time at the agency


  • Introduce yourself as the program coordinator to agency staff contacts. Set up a formal site visit to familiarize yourself with the program and staff.
  • Maintain frequent communication with the Issue Area Coordinator in your area and attend any all-issue meetings they may schedule.
  • Work with the Issue Area Coordinator to recruit students for the program- this may include following up with Taste of Service participants, holding information sessions, tabling for your agency, etc.
  • Oversee logistics of volunteering at your site, including arranging transportation, setting up volunteer schedules, notifying the agency of holiday breaks, etc.
  • Serve as the primary contact for students who are interested in your site, facilitating initial visits to the agency and following up with them after they have begun volunteering.
  • Maintain lists of current volunteers and contact information.
  • Work with Issue Area Coordinators to recognize volunteers in meaningful ways.
  • Assist the CEC in developing future program coordinators for your agency, usually from current volunteers

On-Going Training

As a program coordinator, you become a member of the Leaders in Service group, which includes Issue Area Coordinators and Program Coordinators. On-going training includes:

  • Monthly Leaders in Service trainings
  • Fall and spring retreats


  • Interest and experience in the issue area associated with the agency
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Desire to connect with other Macalester students and get them interested in working in the community