Why do we need this information? How do we use it?

Statistics are utilized in several important ways:

First, they are used so the college can have accurate stats about how many people have participated in what kinds of projects. These stats are vital for grant writing, grant reports, and other institutional kinds of reporting. (In other words, we need everyone to fill out stat sheets so we can continue to serve students and the community!!)

This information we gather is helpful and important for Mac students as it is often used when writing letters of recommendations or determining qualifications for awards and honors.  

We also reference stats sheets to tell more qualitative stories about the college’s involvement in the community. Having a record of what happened what went into planning is important for future planning purposes!

Macalester College Civic Engagement Center Statistics Form

Student Leader Name:

Email Address:

Student/Cultural Org
or Group Name

Type of Activity:

Weekly activity:

One-time service event title

Educational event/speaker title

Training event title


Day of week:

Start Time:       End Time:  

Number in Group/Attendance: 

If this event included volunteer service, please list the students' names (and ID numbers if known).

If located at a community organization, please complete the following:

Agency Name:

Agency Location:

Agency Contact:

Agency Contact Phone:

List location if on campus or other:

Did the Civic Engagement Center assist in scheduling this activity?
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If no, which office or student group scheduled the event?

Event Summary/Recommendations (activity, transportation, publicity, suggestions for future, etc)

Committee Members and Responsibilities (if applicable)

Orientation & Reflection Process (if applicable)

Expenses (supplies, honorarium, refreshments, transportation, etc.)

I am from a student/cultural org, athletic team, group, etc and would like to discuss possibilities for collaboration with the Civic Engagement Center.

Thank you for taking the time to complete form!
When you press submit, you will receive a confirmation which you will be able to print.