Quotes from former Participants

Building Community

ETCs provide intimate groups where change & growth can flourish.

I formed a familial-type bond with my circle. We became very close and got to know each others’ idiosyncrasies pretty well by the end. Many laughs were shared!

It was amazing! We really connected, and I think we all felt that the space was special. I liked having a community specifically for talking about the stuff going on in our lives.

An Inviting Space to Reflect

It was nice to vocalize issues in my life, and I was often able to come to conclusions that were already in the back of mind. Purely vocalizing my fears, frustrations, and “action blocks” often prompted me to reach a logical decision. It was just helpful to say things out loud to a group of impartial parties.

ETC gave me the space to pause from the daily fury of classes and responsibilities, to reflect on my emotional and physical state with trusted peers.

It gives me the space to be able to be intentionally reflective, listen attentively and acknowledge the little things that make me excited.

I think that ETC really helped me in realizing how useful self reflection can be and also how much others can help me in this.

ETC helped bring to light many things in my life that I had previously been struggling to deal with, and it helped me tackle these issues.

Externally processing with people who wanted to listen allowed me to work through a lot of things.

I did very little self-reflection before, and I have found it to be a great skill.

Though I’ve always been introspective, ETC has helped me to continue asking the bigger questions as I search for meaning in my life.

Develop Skills for More Meaningful Communication

I feel so much better knowing I can support someone without needing to give them advice.

I feel much more confident asking reflective questions of others, which I had never done before ETC.

The experience has greatly improved my capacity to connect with my feelings.

I feel like I’m queued in to this whole new way of communicating with others after ETC! I’m definitely not an expert, but compared to my former self, my listening and questioning skills are now out of this world!

I have noticed a major improvement in the way I listen to friends confide in me. And I know they have too.

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